when i watch tv and it cuts to break, if i hear someone on the tv tell me not to change the chanel, ill say "u cant tell me what to do!" and then ill change it.

Sometimes I beat box when I am alone.

I dont know weather or not to flush the toilet at night incase i wake somebody, its even worse in other peoples houses.

When I'm home alone I open random doors to make sure nobodys there

I stay vigilant while i shower in case killer/zombies come into my house..

When standing on the beach, I try to command the waves to stop.

Receiving or finding something cool in your dream, then waking up thinking you have it and realize you don't.

I actually get stuck watching those rediculous infomercials late at night... Yeah - you're not alone. But no, I don't buy anything either... Lol.

Pretend that i don't care about my birthday when i actually can't wait to see what present people will get me and get terribly excited everytime someone text me

When I'm walking at night, I put up my hood and grin evilly at passing cars so it'll scare the drivers if they see

I stand under my ceiling fan, looking up while spinning around to make it look still...

I never look out the window at night because I'm afraid there will be an Alien staring at me when I move the curtains.

hurting your foot and running around trying not to think of the pain!

When I see someone I know walking toward me as I'm walking toward them from a long way away, I pretend I don't see them until we're right on top of each other, then, miraculously discovering them, I smile and say, "Hi".

I avoid closing my eyes in the shower in case ghosts/monsters/zombies get me.

Consider selling lots of books, games or DVDs when you have too many to fit perfectly on their shelf.

Absentmindedly rub your stomach while lying down watching or reading.

Doing something really embarrassing in public and thinking "Doesn't matter, I'll never see these people again.".

I pass by closed doors quickly and at least as far away as the door seems like it can open, because I always feel like someone's going to burst out, hitting me in the face with the door.

I try to move inanimate objects/set things on fire/control the elements with my mind.

Pick my nose with my elbow, that way I keep my nails clean.

I wonder if we're actually just dolls and are being controlled by some little girl in her little doll house ....

When I walk into the bathroom and the lid of toilet is closed, I always get slightly nervous to lift it up and see into the toilet. I'm always thinking there'll be something disgusting or scary in there.

squezzing moisturisure/tooth paste really hard cos the top is all dry and then a shit load comes out all at once

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.