While listening to music, I imagine an insanely huge dance number to go along with it.

Eat something to pass the time while I wait for my food in the microwave to be cooked.

When no one's at home, the house turns into an action movie set. Going to my room turns into sprinting up the stairs and purposely stumbling to give the effect that bombs are going off. And always make it to the room in time to hop on the last helicopter out of the jungle.

working out escape routes for each room in your house when you're alone, just in case

When tapping, I always have to do the same pattern of taps, and I feel incomplete if I don't finish the pattern I started.

Sex scene comes on TV while you are watching with your parents... Try to act normal... Fail.

I scratch the scabs on my head whenever im bored

I walk into a room and forget why I'm in there.

When your sitting on the toilet you watch a video,or read something on your ipod/ipad/etc


*Sees bug on wall while taking shower* *Splashes with shower water* *Bug slides down wall* >_

i take words i just read or said and sing them to the tune of a song

Think about what you're going to tell your kids about your childhood when you grow-up.

1.Open the fridge...nothing to eat :/ 2.Open the cabinet...nothing to eat :/ 3.Lower expectations..and then repeat :)

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I mouth common words and phrases, just to see what it looks like when I talk to other people.

When I'm eating cereal, if some of the cereal gets stuck on the inside of the bowl above the rest I use the side of my spoon to push it down back into the milk.

When i need to poop i place toilet paper over the water so it doesn't splash up and hit my rectum.

Playing with your phone or remote throwinng it up and down until it hits your face

I used to pretent my legs didn't work and pulled myself up the stairs with just my hands.

I pretend that someone can see through my eyes whenever I'm doing something cool, i guess so they think I'm cooler or something.

Say "ow" when I drop something or before I get hurt

Always coming up with a really great comeback in my head 5 seconds too late. And then playing out what would have happened if I had said it.

I make all the faces on my money face the same way.

When looking for something you need, just walk in circles around the house until it appears.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.