think something you shouldn't, then stop thinking it, because someone might read your mind

I wipe the part of the glass or water bottle i drink from

Wake up after a dream. About a day later you think about if it was real or not.

Putting your bra on your dogs dead

I'm paranoid of EVERYTHING. When I enter a room, I inspect it for cameras. When I'm in the bathroom I cover all the cameras on my iPod, Phone, etc. When I do something I'm not supposed to do on the computer (such as download music for free), I cover the webcam to assure the government can't see me. I control my thoughts 24/7 at fear that someone will read my thoughts. I have a strict feeling the someone is always watching me. I fear subliminal advertisements also. To sum everything up you could just read the first part. I DONT TRUST ANYTHING OR ANYONE! I'm Not sure if anyone else is as paranoid as I am...

pull the poo out of my butt when im too impatient to push it out

I see something glittery, someone tells me not to pick it up because I'll glitter all over myself, I pick it up anyway and glitter all over myself.

Look at a word long enough to not seem like a word anymore, then sounding weird.

Imagin what would happen if there was a zombie invasion just at your house.

I sometimes want to eat spaghetti with my hands, but for whatever reason have never done it...

When I've had an argument with someone I'll play it over in my head and come up with new responses. Then, sometimes my reenactment will get so heated that i start yelling my new arguments, and geting even more angry then before.

I spin around in a spot, and then close my eyes and tilt my head up and to the opposite side i'm spinning to. It just feels awesome and it's even better while listening to music.

Think of a song, tv show, or movie for a brief moment. Hear/see it the next day.

Attempting to start phychic conversations with people in public

wait til the last second to stop the microwave before it dings

Think long and hard about something but then realise you don't care

Check my underwear for any sh!t from farts (yes, sometimes my shit comes with a fart) captcha: royal flush

Laying in bed at a friends place with your eyes closed imaging where you would end up if you got up and went to the toilet as if it was your own house.

Pretend that when you are in the shower, the shower head is a giant machine gun, that takes thousands of men to operate, and that you were an extremely large person and you catch ALL of the bullets in your mouth, spitting them at the shower head while at the same time turning off the water as if they all died, and the small drips that continue to drop out were the dead soldires' blood.....-dillon

Blow on your ice cream for no apparent reason before you eat it.

When reading some of the weirder things here, I somewhat worry some of these things people do might start happening to me just because I read about them.

dont turn my fan up so high cause i think its going to fall and slice me to bits -jesse

When im blazed i like of all the stupid shit i did that day but always tell myself "its fine, i didnt feel dumb about those things sober"

Someone asks a question and you say "what?" and then answer them because you actually heard but didn't realize it.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.