When I pee if there is already some toilet paper there I try to sink it with my pee.

When I wear a backpack I constantly check to make sure all the pockets are zipped

While listening to music, I imagine an insanely huge dance number to go along with it.

I wonder if a blind person knows how colors look?

When i'm eating small, colored foods like skittles or gummies, i have to have one on each side of my mouth so one side doesn't feel happier than the other and they have to be different colors.

When I'm opening my locker lock, I try to beat the person next to me.

Whenever I got hurt I used to just run like that would stop the pain

Whenever i wear long sleeves i always hold onto the sleeves with my ring and pinkie fingers.

wipe the bottle lid before i drink because i dont whant to taste what the other person had in there mouth...

When I see someone I know walking toward me as I'm walking toward them from a long way away, I pretend I don't see them until we're right on top of each other, then, miraculously discovering them, I smile and say, "Hi".

I take a dump and then look to see how big it is.

When I'm watching something interesting on TV, sometimes i realize they I'm making a weird face so i make sure that i make my face go back to its normal position. This way, my face won't get stuck like that

when someone is talking about something i have no idea of and then asked me if i agree I'm like: oh yes! and then promptly changing subject so they won't find out

I used to pretent my legs didn't work and pulled myself up the stairs with just my hands.

Pretend to cough in class so other people could pretend to cough

Not laughing at funny things on T.V. because nobody is around.

Think of something really hilarious to put on the internet, read the rest of a post, and then forget what you were going to write.

If I'd see a grizzly bear in the forest I'd probably try to run away even though every sane person says that that's exactly the thing you shouldn't do

You look over the edge of a tall building/structure, and have that sudden urge to jump off.

Put things in the front of the dishwasher 1st cause im to lazy to pull the whole thing out to put anything in the back or the right place.

I carry more money in my wallet than it appears, I just tuck some away because I think that if I can't see it and have to go through the trouble to get it out- then I won't spend it.

I sometimes feel someone is watching me and speak towards it in a calming tone, only to again speak to myself telling myself im just being silly... only to turn my head and look behind me just in case.

stand in front of a mirror with your headphones in, and lip sync the words of the song playing to pretend you are singing in a music video

Pronounce hors d'oeuvres 'horse-dev-ers' thinking I'm so witty.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.