I avoid my wealthy but cool relatives because I don't want them to think I want money

When walking on the sidewalk, try to walk the same number of steps on each square without looking awkward. (now, this is sooo weird, I have no clue if ANYBODY has ever done this more than once)

When Im bored in a house that has leafy/floral wallpaper I follow the stem with my finger all the way up to the top of the wall and then go back down again and think of a route that gets you all the way to the other side of the wall.

Get exstremly sad or depressed whenever you think about something you did that was embarrassing or something you regret infront of someone when that person probably doesn't even remember it....

Dip my pizza crust in my soda

When winking, I feel as if I have to wink with the other eye to be fair to both eyes.

I prefer to masturbate by putting a fleshlight under my stuffed-toy smurfette's dress and pretend to smurf her.

I'm so afraid of using words incorrectly that I look up any word I'm not sure that I'm using properly before typing it into wherever I'll use it. If the definition is too vague, I abandon the word and try something else.

Waiting alone inside a public toilet for someone to come in and open the door.... so you don't have to touch the handle!

wonder y nobody facebook likes or comments on these

pick nose in car and realize people can see you when stopped at a red light

Press harder on the remote when I know the batteries are dead.

right click refresh on desktop. Repeat

When an ice cube fall on the floor I kick it under the fridge.

judge a spider on it's ability to hide from me and decide to let it survive if I consider it a clever hiding place, then get paranoid because the spider was smart.

Typing what you want to put in a message, then deleting it because you daren't send it

Randomly agree for the Terms of Service for just about everything on the internet. Then becoming very frightened at the thought that you have violated them in some way.

Say a word I just learned over and over again until it loses meaning.

When in a public toilet, I never leave the cubicle until everyone is either out of the room or in their own cubicle.

getting really nervous about random white vans that drive by you.

Laying or sitting down in a really comfy position, then getting up to do something, and when you come back you can't figure out the position you just had.

eating a sandwich with strategically placed bites such that i get the same ratio of crust to tastier non-crust sandwich center in each bite. sometimes i just take two smaller bites of crust and center part so that i don't have to taste mostly bread crust in a mouthful.

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I take receipts out of the ATM's disposal slot in order to see how much money people that I've never met have in their accounts.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.