RE:" pee on the side of the toilet" you dont pee on the side of the toilet so it isn't loud. you pee on the side so it doesn't splash on you're legs as much.

I think any disasterous accidents will not happen to me.

whenever im doing sumthing im not suppose to i feel like everybody knows what im doing

thinking your pants are wet when you only just sat down for a long time

I like wet humping better than f*cking. but sometimes it slips in anyway, and it's that's pretty enjoyable too. and mt girlfriend is cool with. ... so it's actualy pretty whatevs either way. but wet humping is my jam.

Open the fridge every 15 minutes, to see if there is anything new to eat.

Going to the bathroom in public just to scratch my butt

When in a room by myself and I hear someone coming to walk into the room I'm in, I feel an overwhelming urge to hide behind the door so they don't see me first.

Boy:did it hurt? Me: Did what hurt? Boy:When you fell from heaven. Me: I came frome the pits of hell! Boy: Well then...O__O

See a persons name a place a word or thing in a book computer magazine etc... and right after hearing the same thing on tv or the radio. Vice versa

I pretend I'm a musical when I'm alone and sing about all the stuff I'm doing.

I'm in my twenties and still don't drive.

When I sneeze I hold my balls ( only when Im alone)

When the vacuum cleaner's going, I try to stay as far away from it and block the noise by shutting doors.

Open my mouth while doing my mascara... it's impossible not to!!!

Agree with someones ridiculous political opinion just to avoid an argument.

Chew as quietly as possible when eating cookies but as loud as possible when eating fruit.

Take off the ends of the banana (

When I'm on Facebook, I flip between someone's most recent profile picture and their first one, just to see how much they've changed.

when you're in the car, look outside and count every single lamp-post until the car stops

Burglars have become very clever. Just last night my wife turned to me and said that she hears burglars downstairs so I got up quietly checked every room suddenly I realised that I don't have a wife.

I lock the bathroom door even when I'm home alone.

When I'm hungry I look in the fridge, but there's nothing good to eat so I shut the door and walk away. Then I look in the fridge again 10 seconds later in the hope that new food has arrived Robbie

stare at someone then when they turn around look all around the room pretending you weren't looking at them

Things You Think Only You Do

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