something happens with a person that u were close to but then they become an asshole, u get mad, and when u stop talking feel really depressed even though u hate them

When listening to music I imagine myself and people in a movie scene that fits the music.

When you are reading a book and find that you are narrating the words you read in the book, to yourself. You feel weird, so you try to stop doing this by reading further or focusing more on the book.

I sniff my finger after I scatch my bunghole lol

Happy April 28th everyone! Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, a time for new beginnings to run wild, a time to put a final ending to the past mistakes and troubling thoughts that may have been clouding your mind for far too long until now... The time is here, The time is now, Today is the day, Right here, right now, Right this moment, This is the right time... This, IS THE TIME TO DECIDE... To take time to make time, and let time pass by while you try to decide on how you wanna live your life? Falling into the same patterns as time before, and as will be, time after time? OR, simply, you can choose to LIVE... letting yourself have the time of YOUR LIFE!!! =) The choice is yours, what will you decide??? <3

OMG have you ever realized that one of your eyes is showing everything more reddish and the other one showing everything more bluish just like these old 3d glasses

When I say, "What?" after understanding exactly what someone said.

When I have my headphones in, and I'm miming the words to a song in the bathroom pretending that I'm playing a gig. I put the tap on to make sure no one hears me dancing.

I think about other women when having sex

when im alone and in a bad mood i make stupid faces with my eyes closed and try and figure out how stupid i looked. then i start laughing hysterically because i think that im an idiot. then i repeat this process until i have to pee from laughing so hard because im already in the bathroom so why not utilize the toilet, rather than waiting for a commercial and speed-peeing because im scared that i missed some of the show i was watching :D -Grace-

Sometimes I beat box when I am alone.

Do somthing only you do

I hug-squeeze the bread to get all the air out before putting it away.

Sometimes, when I'm at work, I j3rk 0ff in the bathroom. Please tell me someone else has done this????

I'm in the middle of a good dream but I wake up and try to go back to sleep to finish it when it never happens.

Get longingly desperate feeling for days/weeks after a concert of my favorite band.

when watching a movie or tv show, i think i am the main character and when it does somthing stupid i become embaressed

Wave my hand at automatic doors just as they open pretending that I have Jedi powers

Say what even when u heard someone

imagine a bunch of girls are watching you at home, so you don't look like a dumbass

When I have nothing do do in Life Science I read the textbook.

When your to lazy try to use the force to pick things up

Take everything out of the fridge, and climb in it, and pretend your in a time capsule.

Looking around in disgust at your messy room and then doing nothing about it.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.