While spending the night drinking with my spouse at home, i put a diaper on so i don't have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I also change it for a fresh one when i go to bed.

When walking on the sidewalk, try to walk the same number of steps on each square without looking awkward. (now, this is sooo weird, I have no clue if ANYBODY has ever done this more than once)

Tried to suck ur own penis

Stick ur thumb between ur first and middle finger without realizing it

grab my cats tongue when he is licking my hand

How many times is it okay to say "what" before just nodding and smiling?

when something on the internet is loading really long i close all the other tabs so my computer can concentrate only on one thing and then i get annoyed because i have to open up all the tabs again

Sometimes I read a whole page of text only to realize I didn't actually read any of it. Then I read it again. Sometimes this happens more than 3 times for one page.

I sleep in my underpants every single night

pull out a flies wings and let it go

Sleep in your jeans because you think it feels comfortable in the morning.

I have shown up for a first date in a friends POS car instead of my own to see if she is too materialistic

When I see interactive ads on webpages ( "Shoot 5 iPhones And Get One Free!" type of windows ), I feel compelled to finish the task, even though I KNOW it's going to open a pop-up and waste 10 seconds of my life.

After learning a new word, I hear it used and written EVERYWHERE for the next week.

Think of the best come-backs ever, a few seconds after the time to use them would be.

Getting the strong urge to "woo" or scream in a large and quiet crowd, such as during church.

When you drop something and then drop it again as soon as you start picking it up

Pick out an object ahead of me on the footpath and guess which foot will step closest to it

I pretend that my actions are perceived by a past self and they're always astounded by the change I've gone through.

I dip my pizza crust in soda

After reading certain things on this website, I try them to see if they work.

strt thinking about something spinning, then cant stop no matter how hard you try.

If someone uses a term thats like, in the know, and they ask if i know what it means, ill act like, of course ido, even if i dont, and then ill go home and look it up.

think that the whole world is a dollhouse and we are being controlled by giant people above who live in a whole differnt world

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.