Become self-conscious and wonder if you were making faces while day dreaming during the middle of class.

Sunday's are making me feel depressed.

I think SpongeBob and Patrick are rude, inconsiderate a_holes. ... That's right, I'm an adult and I watch SpongeBob. lol

get embarrassed when someone is in the public bathroom, and your shit makes a splash in the toilet

Tap different rythyms with my fingers and keep doing it over and over until the rythym ends on the last finger

I eat spoons of dry hot chocolate powder when nobody is around.

no magazine on toilet? read shampoo bottle

Make a screeching noise with my mouth as I go around corners in my car too fast.

I randomly highlight stuff when I'm reading something, only to click outside of the text so I can actually read it.

Being in the car and wondering if your parents can read your mind so you think "If you can here me cough in 3, 2, 1..." Sometimes my dad actually does it and he looks back at me and smiles. .-.

Taking the time to lick all of the cream off of the inside of an Oreo.

If I'd see a grizzly bear in the forest I'd probably try to run away even though every sane person says that that's exactly the thing you shouldn't do

I feel strange when I look at someone and think ''This person has had sex''

I pee in the water of the toilet to make bubbles

when dialing a number, i hear the number itself when it is dialed

wonder if the strange thing you're doing right now will pop up on this website

Have to take the phone with you everytime to the bathroom

When the hero of a movie is drowning I hold my breath to see if I would survive.

Sometimes i think i've been living a dream life, and one day im really gonna wake up in the middle of 9th grade math class and have to explain why i was sleeping on my desk and jerking off so much.

I am a BIG TIME movie talker. I always ask questions that people obviously don’t know the answer to like, “Where is he going?” “I thought they were friends?” “Wait.. Is she mad?” “Is that guy the killer?” Although people seem to tolerate me, I do promise that it is completely on accident. I don’t even realize I do it. –Ikka.

Watching movies about couples with age gaps and woundering how it would feel like to be with somebody much older (or younger) than you. Would they use viagra or would you not even try to have sex with someone so old and delicate?

I'm ridiculously turned on by the scent nail polish.

When someone wants to kill a bug, I'll get insane and catch the bug, then run out and release the bug while saying "NOW YOU'RE FREE!!!!!"

If I have my computer and I have to do something quietly (because there are other people about) I hear music in heaphones, just so it seems to myself that I'm more discreet, as I can't hear myself.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.