When I see someone I know walking toward me as I'm walking toward them from a long way away, I pretend I don't see them until we're right on top of each other, then, miraculously discovering them, I smile and say, "Hi".

whenever there are automatic doors at a store i use "the force" to open them

Guessing how many people are listening to the same song at the same moment as you

think that things u do aren't gross and when other people do them its disgusting

While spending the night drinking with my spouse at home, i put a diaper on so i don't have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I also change it for a fresh one when i go to bed.

Run up the stairs like a gorilla because it's easier that way.

I randomly highlight stuff when I'm reading something, only to click outside of the text so I can actually read it.

If I'm trying to read a clock or bulletin from far away, I instinctively stand and point at it.

I kick my shoes off, sending them flying to various parts of the room. I then pick them up and place them neatly beside each other

i draw pictures of pokemon on comments (\____/) (??????)

pee in my pants on purpose for the fun of it

I pretend that I've caught the man in the walk/don't walk sign doing something bad and I stare at him accusingly

resting your head from your face to your hand and then you realize you face now looks disfigured.

when being in the bathroom at night, avoid looking in the mirror

Rub boogers under the arm rest on the couch.

When I masturbate I trade hands often in fear that my penis may become crooked.

when i listen to music in my earphones, i always pretend its me performing the song to an audience.

While reading these posts on here, I find that I do a lot of weird things that I've never really thought about.

I sleep in the nude.

play on your game for ten minutes before you realise why you stoppedd the last time

You always go to the corner of the shower when the cold water is running.

Look at every individual line on my hands and see if they are identicle

When listening to awesome music I perform a subtle headbanging motion.. Then I look around to see if anybody is staring at me like I'm retarded.

Go into a shop that you thought would have some interesting things, but when you find that it dosn't, you quickly browse the shop for a bit so that you don't offend the cashier by entering and leaving immediately.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.