When leaving your basement, become increasingly conscious of how you are scared of something getting you. SPRINT UP STAIRS.

Any time I hear someone speaking with an accent, I start mimicking that accident. –Ikka

Imagin what would happen if there was a zombie invasion just at your house.

Eating a crunchy food while watching tv and turning up the volume little by little until its around 80% because you can't hear over the sound of your own chewing. Then later when you turn back on the tv you scare yourself because it's still at 80% and frantically try to turn it down with super speed before anyone hears you.

When people are whispering you think they are saying bad things

when someone is playing a song which i really like but don't know the name of it i either try to guess the name by the lyrics or i try to read the name from their iPod without them noticing and then immediately make a note on my mobile and saving it.

watch reality t.v. when you're feeling guilty and think to yourself "at least I'm not as bad as that"

if your behind glass or a window and you see a group outside, imagine their conversation.

I always have trouble leaving a airplanes lavatory I never get the door open

turn off the alarm clock one minute before its goes off when you wake up in the morning

I avoid my wealthy but cool relatives because I don't want them to think I want money

(Men) When you have to poop and pee at the same time, you stand to pee, and THEN sit to poop. Just out of principle.

Open a new google tab when someone walks in the room, even if I wasn't looking at anything bad.

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I act out a scene like Tyra banks coming up to me and asking me to be on America's next top model.

Reading all these posts and being reminded that we are all more similar to each other than we think, regardless of whatever group each of us may belong to.

When I'm hungry I look in the fridge, but there's nothing good to eat so I shut the door and walk away. Then I look in the fridge again 10 seconds later in the hope that new food has arrived Robbie

If my SOLVE media is too long I refresh it to give me a shorter one

when i was i kid i use to do the balloon trick where you rubit on your head then when there is enough put it on a wooden floor and while it's followin me i put my hands out and pretended that i was controlling it

Two minutes after I text the person I like, I check the message to see what time I sent it and what time the person received it, and estimate that it takes the adverage person about a minute to respond and then another minute for you to receive it. so really, if the person likes you, it would take them about 3 minutes to respond. if its five, you automatically assume they hate you.

When I'm watching something or playing something and the character goes underwater, I hold my breath until the character reaches the surface. This is weird as hell, does anyone else do this?

when on long car rides look out the window imagineing stick figures running

must have the tv volume set to an even number or feel weird

Brake for tail-gaters

Sometimes I wonder if my whole life is a hallucination and I'm actually in some padded room somewhere, talking to myself and staring into space while my real family mourns the fact that their daughter will never be able to live a real life...

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.