Reach my hand inside the room to turn the light on before I go in.

Fantasize about shooting one of those trucks that have some sort of liquid in them and watching them blow up.

When I have headphones in, I wonder if my swallowing is extremely loud for everyone else too.

think something you shouldn't, then stop thinking it, because someone might read your mind

Pick scabs and eat them.. and when i start bleeding suck the blood up with my mouth...

Leave the fan on at night just in case you feel to warm.'re high and you think you write complete bullshit?

Saving some leftovers of your favorite food .... the next week its still there (:

Smoking in the shower.

Try to keep a balloon in the air with out touching the ground, using anything but my hands -Noel

Sometimes I toot.

I used to peep when my relatives are watching porn, back when i was a kid. After that, i feel like i wanna pee.

close the fridge door really slowly just so you can see the light turn off

On a calendar search for the picture on your birthday month

Sometimes, when I'm at work, I j3rk 0ff in the bathroom. Please tell me someone else has done this????

I have to keep reading website pages until I reached 5, 10, 15 etc. When I get close to my age though, I can finish there.

Think of a song, tv show, or movie for a brief moment. Hear/see it the next day.

do things without turning the lights on and feel like a ninja.

dont wash hands for the recommended 30 seconds

whale sperm

Whenever I Iook into the mirror, I think there's a second evil dimension.

feel disappointed when i find out that a p0rn scene is just the actor's dream or imagination.

When I die during an online game I try to cram as much food and drink in my mouth as I can before I respawn. If I have no food I roll all over the bed.

I suck my shirt without realizing im doing it until people tell me.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.