when walking up to an automatic door, you sweep your hand towards to the door when it opens, you feel like the Force is with you.

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I stick one foot out of my blanket so I'm not hot or cold.

When Im bored in a house that has leafy/floral wallpaper I follow the stem with my finger all the way up to the top of the wall and then go back down again and think of a route that gets you all the way to the other side of the wall.

I sleep in my underpants every single night

I probably am the only one who does this but I climb on my cat's cat tree to see what it's like to be a cat o.o

When I go to bed, I imagine how I would deal with intruders, then I can't sleep.

When you Sitting on the couch and say "I am hungry" but then don't do anything because you are too lazy.

When I'm in the shower I act like I'm filming a music video.

If no one else is home and you have to go to the bathroom, but you're invested in what you're doing on your laptop, you take it with you.

Before going to the bathroom, check behind the shower curtains for serial killers.

Tough but loving hands!! Mmm them calluses tho!! ^_^

i smoke weed all day.

Sometimes I look at a digital clock and try to force the numbers to change with the power of my mind.

How is it that celebrities no one likes keep popping up on shows everyone likes

When calling someone you hang up after 3 or 4 rings because you're tired of waiting rather than it being time to leave a message.

Drink half the water in a water bottle and then swish it around pretending to drown little people inside it.

Before I go to sleep, I imagine what it would be like dating a really hot actor or singer and think of dramatic scenarios that could happen.

outside in the dark see a face in the tree thinks its bigfoot come to get me!

Touch something dirty with one hand then wash it but then wash the other hand cause it feels weird when it's not wet like your other hand.

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resting your head from your face to your hand and then you realize you face now looks disfigured.

thinking that the 'writing comments procedure' on this website is extremely irritating.

When someone is really, really angry is telling me their story, I keep a straight face but I can't help mentally laughing my ass off because of their weird facial expressions. Sorry.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.