Before I meet someone I've never met before, I think of stuff to say or do to prevent it from being awkward, but when I finally meet them I do none of the things I thought about doing.

I look behind me and out of my window every 10 minutes while I'm sitting at my desk because I'm scared something's gonna be there.


After texting someone, check your phone repeatedly to see if they responded

Not likeing something someone posted because you have a secret crush on them and you don't want them to think you check there Facebook too much.

Not buying a product you might have otherwise been interested in simply because you think their TV ad is stupid.

after having a hot shower I sometimes just sit in my room wearing just a towel

I split my gum in half so I can chew on both sides.

Feel uncomfortable with the TV volume on an odd number

Playing with a tiny piece of loose skin in the middle of my upper lip.

When taking a pee instead of standing in front of the toilet stand in the side so if someone walks in they wont see your penis

use tweezers to pull out leg hair or armpit hair out of sheer boredom.

I walk down the stairs sideways because I'm afraid something will get me.

when you bleed you suck your own blood

Walk next to someone so you don't look too lonely.

When you are outside, you see a small shadow moving across the ground. You think it's a ball someone threw, so you look up to catch it, only to realize it is a bird.

Putting your bra on your dogs dead

i want to FAWK the SHYT out of that girl

When I'm riding in the car, I'll spot a tree, make it my goal and try to beat the car on the opposite side of the road to it. (Seriously I don't think anyone else does this!)

Try stick to something but fail in the end

Laugh softly when you hear someone else cry

Kick the fallen ice cube underneath the fridge

when someone is playing a song which i really like but don't know the name of it i either try to guess the name by the lyrics or i try to read the name from their iPod without them noticing and then immediately make a note on my mobile and saving it.

I want to suck on your penis

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.