When I die during an online game I try to cram as much food and drink in my mouth as I can before I respawn. If I have no food I roll all over the bed.

Scratching with the wife's/girlfriends hair brush.

Solving your problems in bed before sleeping and then forgetting all of the solutions when you wake up. This applies to games, homework, and world hunger.

Whenever I see a girl, I always do the math for how good they would be for banging

Imagine your in action movies and die for a girl while your lying there trying too sleep and realising you are deep in thought about something that your too chicken to do.

Skip peeing before bed because you dont feel like it, knowing that in about 15 minutes youre going to have to get back up because you wont be able to fall asleep until you go pee.

Consider selling lots of books, games or DVDs when you have too many to fit perfectly on their shelf.

Lie in bed and wonder what happens whe you die, get depressed and come on this site for reassurance

I can't get out of bed in the mornings unless the alarm clock reads 0 or 5.

If you see someone singing in a car, then search on the radio stations to find the matching song to the the miming you see.

When I'm reading a story in English class or a book in general but I'm tired while doing so and I'm reading on down the page, if I read a sentence and miss a word or mispronounce a word I MUST go back and re read the entire sentence until I have read it correctly or I feel very weird and panicked.

wish you looked like either Kellan Lutz or Bradley Cooper! I wish magic existed now.

I constantly get itches. On awkward parts of my body. In public places. And it's torture.

This is kind of embarrassing... after I watched "Truman Show" I went home and talked to my mirror like Jim Carrey does in the film.

poke fun at somebody and pray for forgiveness the following night

Feel like puhing the crap out of people who talk loud in public places.

When you Sitting on the couch and say "I am hungry" but then don't do anything because you are too lazy.

Seriously I am tired but, I read the fucking solvemedia stating "forget this", then I stood there for a moment having just forgot what I was supposed to type. "Was I not supposed to forget what I just read?" Nero: BRAINWASHING! FORGET THIS AND LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER! IM LEUTANANT BANGUS YOUR MUTHERUS YOU IDIOT!

I lie in bed and when I get bored I try to convince myself that I'm lying at the other end

After eating a lot of junk food begin to fear that i'm going to get diabetes.

I sometimes look at a guy and wonder how big their dick is.

when you've done everything you wanted to do on the internet and stop and just stare at the screen.

Date your English paper so it looks like you did it earlier (rather than saving it for the last minute).

after switching lights..i go run as hard as i could do after reaching the bed

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.