At the store then mom leaves to get something then u start panicking as the cashier begins paying and you thing she will charge yo already

Stopping the microwave at 1 second because it's late and you don't want to be loud.

I never take drinks into smelly places, out of fear that the smell will somehow get into my drink and contaminate the taste.

play with a laser pointer and pretend its a lightsaber

When in shower, I turn the heat to max for a few minutes to warm up the whole bathroom.

When I am driving and I see another car being pulled over I think "Oh, so I am not the only one"

When does eating pop corn, take apart the bag and lick all the extra butter.

choose which piece of cereal in the cereal bowl i should eat last.

Write angry notes into your search browser in case any Russian spies are watching.

Everytime I have ear buds in and I hear myself breathing, I think others can hear it too so I slow my breathing or hold my breath.

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When no one is home, I poop with the door open, just because I can.

When no one is home or if no one is looking you go in the fridge and drink right out of the bottle.

I get more creeped out the more I read the comments here, especially as the comments start getting really low thumbs ups.

trying to look cool when you're driving past other cars.

stop the microwave when I hear the food popping

ask my dog questions then realize, she can't talk...

Guessing how many people are listening to the same song at the same moment as you

Think you looked good the whole day, then come home and realize you were a hot mess and nobody told you

My most intimate moments are constantly interrupted by the same thought..."oh, God...what if there is a secret security cam in here...CUT TO: oh God...can my dead grandparents see me now????"

Run up the stairs like a gorilla because it's easier that way.

I get mad at characters on tv and i shoot the screen with my Nerf gun

Whenever I'm home alone, I dance and sing along to any commercial.

I try to move inanimate objects/set things on fire/control the elements with my mind.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.