Having to poop in a certain way to avoid your ass sucking it in again. If it all comes out in one go, the cleaning becomes a lot easier and more satisfying.

Right before I go to the dentist I brush my teeth.

trying to look cool when you're driving past other cars.

when my parents are gone i shout random stuff

Sometimes when I kill a bug, i wrap it up in a giant wad of paper towels, put it in a plastic sandwich bag, THEN throw it away. just in case...

Invented a special password for yourself in order to recognize yourself if travel through time.

try to cut corners in my house and hit the wall

I read these not only for fun, but to feel in touch with my humanity.

Vigorously scratch my head over a black surface and watch the dandruff fall like snowflakes....then eat it.

Comment on here and wait a few days and see if I got some likes . CMOOON , You do it .

Whenever I order a lot of food at a fast food place for myself, I order an extra drink just so they think it's for two people.

I always twist my washcloth into a cone shape, so when I take my next shower it is dry and hardened. Then I pretend stab it into my stomach and say "MY LIFE FOR AIUR!" before getting it wet again.

imagine shooting lasers out from the car and bouncing them of walls and back to the car

When you think you don't hear someone, but as soon as you say, "what?" and they start repeating it, you realize that you know what they had said. But then you don't want to be rude, so you let them finish.

I click my teeth to music

Reading the things people post on here and realising your not as weird as you thought.

When I post a picture on a Horsehead Huffer site that I made on Microsoft Paint, and it ends up being one of those that never load, I go back on Paint and save it again. Then I repost it, and it works.

Think of someone you love while trying to fall asleep.

When bored in class.. I catch eyes with someone across the room and look away fast, then act "cool" for the next 10 minutes because I still think they're looking at me...

Have a dream about falling and never stop falling and it feels real

I am wearing ear buds even though I'm not actually listening to anything.

While lying in the tub the water gets cold so u turn back on the hot water with ur feet bc u are too lazy to get up and turn it on with your hands

Count the number of letters in a word or phrase.

Whenever I leave a phone message, I feel like I'm leaving the last message I will every leave to my family in my life because I will somehow die soon. I've watched too much drama.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.