I post morals under every one of my new comments. Moral: Duh, I am moral man ffs! What do you expect! Its awesome! If things go at this phase I will be a celebrity in... hmm... in never!

Download a new app, and say to myself I'll never stop playing it. Play it for 2 hours and forget about it.

If I'm in my room and I need to fart, I walk into someone else's room and fart in there so that my room doesn't stink up.

Always run up the stairs as if someone was chasing you.

When I'm reading a book and I come to a word that is long or difficult to pronounce every time I come to that word again I pronounce it 'manamanam'.

Pronounce hors d'oeuvres 'whores-dev-ers' thinking I'm so witty.

Put my hands together the 'other' way

When I am making toast I spread the butter or jam with a spoon

do a fake cough when my shit is falling in the toilet

Imagine myself going back in time and giving my friends and family little hints on how their life will pan out.

Thinking you can do parkour even when you cant and the have a friend over and try to show off

Sometimes, when I'm alone and it's dark outside, I like to cover my body in petroleum jelly and pretend to be a slug.

Drive slow in straightaways and fast through curves, especially sharp ones.

no magazine on toilet? read shampoo bottle

I hold in my shit only because i am soo occupied with my current task.

When in class , I move alot in my chair when my butt itches .

Aim at shit stains whilst I pee.

Read the time on your watch, then after a few minutes, read it again because you forgot it.

Never write LOL on a text message, because you don't want to sound too extreme

Sometimes I turn on my bedroom fan at night just so i can use heavier blankets.

When you can't be bothered to go to the toilet so you stay watching tv or going on your laptop while trying to hold it in.

Not being able to balance in heels because the insides are smothered in foot sweat. -_-

Watch a familiar movie, and then freak out when you see a suspensful part, only to later realize that there was no point in getting worked up since you already know what happens.

Peel my mandarin oranges in one try

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.