I click my teeth to music

When your best friend has a certain make/model/color car, you start seeing it everywhere you go.

Yelling my cats name in my mind to see if i can get him to look at me using the power of my mind

When you think you don't hear someone, but as soon as you say, "what?" and they start repeating it, you realize that you know what they had said. But then you don't want to be rude, so you let them finish.

whale sperm

Going through a lot of Deja Vu lately, it feels like you have another life before this one.

I let everyone know I'm a lesbian as soon as I meet them, ('cause I wouldn't want to continue talking to someone who hates gays).

Someone asks you "what's up" and you awkwardly reply "good".

Sometimes I kiss my hand and pretend it's a person I like.

Freak out at sudden noises when home alone at night.

Get scared while I'm doing things on the computer like writing these comments, or other weird stuff because I think there might be a hacker watching my screen.

get happy as sh*t when you remember your homework is do after your lunch period so you can do it then, but never end up doing it.

Sleep in your jeans because you think it feels comfortable in the morning.

Spend ages searching for a porno (normally about 40 minutes), search through it for the best bit, finish and think "what was the point of all that"

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You feel like someone can read your mind so you try not to think about stupid stuff.

Think of someone you love while trying to fall asleep.

Believing in the kindness of strangers

walking up steps in the dark and you think you've gotten to the top but there's actually one more step and you panic because you think your going to fall

Sitting next to a banana called James

after taking a dump i always still smell a little bit of poop and i wonder if other people smell it too

On the bus think in your mind "I know you're reading my mind right now," and look for reactions.

I hold my breath in elevators

Thinking about what you want to dream about while brushing your teeth at night.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.