Keep things on my body equal. ex. Hold something in my right hand so I hold something equally heavy in my left hand.

When someome asks you a question and you can't hear them so you say, "what?", then they say it again and you miss it so you just nod your head and say "yeah".

Sometimes when I go to a drive in restaurant, and get an order of fries, I empty the bag out, and there are a few fries in the bottom of the bag. I Enjoy those the most, as I feel they were free

make mini paper airoplanes in boring lessons and pretend you are flying them

I like asking my wife how her SIMIANS are doing (the sims 4) because its fun watching her try to hide the fact that it annoys her. Nero, now if you thought Moral Man the Friendly neighbourhood r*pist was bad... Well, thumb me down I dare you! Seriously I totally did not have a certain bitch turkish hacker put a tracker on my laptop si I can find out where you live... And pay some guy to break your kneecaps... I only done it twice though... Here on horsehead network :) Third time is a charm ;) NERO: Actually I paid people five times, the fourth did not do his job, so I pay a fifth to FINISH HIM! (Sometimes I think people on craigslist just like to kill for the fun of it, seriously, eighty bucks?)

Singing alone in the car and then stopping, scared that there is an audio recorder in the car recording you singing.

On true/false sections of tests, I get paranoid if there are not the same amount of trues and falses.

When I'm scared in the shower sing

filling your mouth with water in the shower and spitting it at the wall.

in my mind prisms are called pink floyd.

If im eating food i shouldnt and i dont want anybody to know i jump if anyone comes in and catches me.

Sometimes I try to solve a math problem using my finger and my thigh, and when I make a mistake a erase it with my hand.

Contract my gluteus maximus while sitting for a long time to feel more comfortable.

When you're out for a run, you pretend that someone is chasing after you so you run harder.

When out I like to "people watch."

Stepping on a LEGO block and instantly screaming and leap onto the bed.

Lie in bed at night, imagining things I want to happen in my life while trying to fall asleep.

Sick the top of you fingers in your pants when you are doing something that requires one hand, like watching t.v

when i listen to music in my earphones, i always pretend its me performing the song to an audience.

don't wash my hands after using the toilet because its a waste of time

Say a word I just learned over and over again until it loses meaning.

Sometimes when I'm watching a sitcom, I get distracted from the jokes because the characters are in a bedroom and I start focusing on the awesome stuff they have.

Am i the only one who noticed that the title of this page has a grammatical error?

Have arguments with yourself about what to wear, where you put that other shoe, whether to get out of bed, etc. Just get up! No, you do it! You're the one who set the alarm! Ughhhhh I hate you!!

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.