Run up the stairs like a gorilla because it's easier that way.

I put morals on posts to get a thumbs up. Moral: Posts with morals get thumbs up.

Fap and when you're done you feel ashamed and feel like you're wasting your life lol

When I was younger I'd lay in bed & think about who I would pick if a person told me that I had to choose between 2 people and the 1 that I don't choose will die.

I'll sing nice and loud in the shower and wonder why I haven't come out with an album yet

While watching a movie, I imagine that same movie in my mind only replacing the characters with different ones from other series or videogames that I like. It just seems to make the movie better.

When people are whispering you think they are saying bad things

Look at every individual line on my hands and see if they are identicle

I hid money in a jar behind a brick in the house I lived in and forgot about it. I've since moved to another state but I didn't remember I left the cash behind until years later.

When i'm eating M&Ms, I save one of each color until the end so I can eat them all at once.

Drink out the carton (your whole family prob does it)

choose which piece of cereal in the cereal bowl i should eat last.

I often try to visualise and merge my faces with various girls i could potentially fall for, just to assess how our future children would look like.

write a test and the information i studied most is not on the test

when something on the internet is loading really long i close all the other tabs so my computer can concentrate only on one thing and then i get annoyed because i have to open up all the tabs again

Count how many steps there are in a stairwell I use often and then try to take it by same number each time... Eg if there are 16 then always go by twos and missing the others!?!?!?

Just think about this. I do. What if we are all a character from The Sims and there is someone controlling us as their character and we never really did anything by our own choice. Creepy.

Think that everything you do is life is being recorded by secret cameras and you're on a reality show. But you don't actually know. The Truman Show. -Robert

When I watch a movie that terrifies me, I usually find myself sitting on the sofa with a kitchen knife in my hand at the end of the movie.

I watch American football with the sound down low because the announcers are always trying to tell us that we didn't see what we just saw when the referees make bad calls

Looking at this naked with a cat on you're lap.

filling your mouth with water in the shower and spitting it at the wall.

Thinking you smell really bad and then putting to much deodorant/perfume/ect and you still think you smell bad. Is this just me?

see a old couple in the street and think," i wonder if he still bangs her" lol

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.