When I'm walking I pretend that I'm staying in the same place and moving the world beneath me.

play with a knife and pretend to be a master blade wielder

Pretend to listen to iPod, but actually eavesdrop on the people around me.

Start to tell a story, but realize that nobody is bothering to listen to you.. So you slowly let your voice fade off

Every time I open a door, I shout out "Alohamora!" and then I open it.

when you wake up in the morning to a text and you read it with one eye open

Lie in bed and wonder what happens whe you die, get depressed and come on this site for reassurance

I twist my pubes into little spikes when I pee.

When I am listening to my ipod in the car or on a bus, i always remove an earphone to check if i am breathing really loudly.

Check your analog watch, wait for it to strike a minute, then look away and try to count 60 seconds out in your head before you look again. However many seconds you were away is your new record.

watch raindrops race down a window and see which one wins

Change my music to something cooler than the song im listening to when i pass by other kids my age

Pick my nose with my elbow, that way I keep my nails clean.

run inside after taking out the trash because a monster might be hiding in the big trash can

When I walk into the bathroom and the lid of toilet is closed, I always get slightly nervous to lift it up and see into the toilet. I'm always thinking there'll be something disgusting or scary in there.

Consider selling lots of books, games or DVDs when you have too many to fit perfectly on their shelf.

I masturbate evenly with both hands so that my penis doesn't become crooked.

I wonder if we're actually just dolls and are being controlled by some little girl in her little doll house ....

At the gym, I always try to do 5 pounds more than the previous person.

sometimes i close my eyes and i rub them to see psychedelic drawings

I get mad at characters on tv and i shoot the screen with my Nerf gun

Whenever I'm home alone, I dance and sing along to any commercial.

I pass by closed doors quickly and at least as far away as the door seems like it can open, because I always feel like someone's going to burst out, hitting me in the face with the door.

I'll sing nice and loud in the shower and wonder why I haven't come out with an album yet

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.