Leave coins on the floor in the corner when I have a party to see if there is a petty thief around

When I'm riding passenger in a car, things I'm driving past will be a part of my imaginary drum kit. When a car passes in the opposite direction, I'll tap my right foot as the bass drum, a drain hole along the gutter is my left hand snare, and the street signs and lights are the hi-hats in my right hand.

I think of unbelievably perverted things seconds before I am about to cum when masturbating.

when I get a really good idea, I write notes in excruciating detail, as I believe my brilliance will quickly disappear and I will have no idea what I was writing about ..

Stick ur thumb between ur first and middle finger without realizing it

run inside after taking out the trash because a monster might be hiding in the big trash can

When I'm on an escalator going up, I always imagine myself falling back and how incredibly painful (and possibly bloody) it must be.

I ship Bolin and Korra as a romance and a bromance. Am I weird for doing this?

Go up stairs two steps at a time. Avoid those stairs forever if there are an odd number and I have to end in a single step.

think that your whole life is just a dream and that you're going to wake up someday

sometimes i close my eyes and i rub them to see psychedelic drawings

When i'm eating small, colored foods like skittles or gummies, i have to have one on each side of my mouth so one side doesn't feel happier than the other and they have to be different colors.

Don't make a sound when sitting in the stall and someone walks in; and in turn, don't say anything to the person in the stall even if you know who it is!

~When you turn around, somebody is already looking at you; something is probably on your face. (I know they look at you because you would look at anybody turning around, but I just hate it)

When you stop to tie you shoe, you re-tie the other so one isnt tighter than the other.

i smoke weed all day.

When I am bored I look at things and wonder about the people who made them, and at what time they were made, etc. Like whether my Bic pen was made in the morning or the night. Savy.

Sometimes when I look at something up close, I alternate closing each eye and looking at the object from the other eye, then switch again. I do it really fast to make it look like that thing is moving. It's really entertaining.

I really enjoy taking a shit and dont really know why.

Look at just about ANYTHING you see in the context of a zombie apocalypse. Example: strategizing escape routes and barricade points while you're walking down the hallway in school, or looking at something ordinary, like a baseball bat, and thinking, 'I could bash some zombie brains with that'

When I am bored, I imagine saving my crush' s life and we live happily ever after. :( what an idiot I am

Wishing you were living in that time when men were still gentlemen. Holds doors, brings flowers, chooses you over job.

Wear hoods and sweatshirts in the middle of summer


Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.