see a old couple in the street and think," i wonder if he still bangs her" lol

Say something smart in class, then worry your friends will rip ony uo for it half way through saying it, so end it by saying "or something like that."

feel legitimately bad for Wile E Coyote whenever he does not get the road runner

Watch peoples body language and see if they're on the same pace of thought as i am and then try to speed up my thinking to pretend or act like I am realizing something they are not.

Imagine I'm being filmed in a reality TV show just so I could do something productive or interesting.

Think that some minutes feel shorter than others

Sometimes I put on my running shoes to make myself feel like I worked out but I really didn't.

when i have a head or toothache...i hit it harder thinking it will stop or get better

i can't watch the t.v. unless the volume ends in a 0 or 5

Trying to do things before the microwave beeps .

Use head & "Shoulders" for pubic hair

Whenever I finish reading a book, I feel a great sense of achievement.

Wonder what random strangers look like or noises and such they make while having sex. Everyone literally. People you interact with at work , customers, your boss, the married couple. Except for people who are like dirty looking af. Our just straight up ugly. Then your like grossed out by those thoughts your having and start getting that home sickfeeling in your stomach. Almost like butterflies but like dead ones or something. Hard to explain.

I think of doing something productive, but can't work up the motivation and end up on the internet instead.

tell everyone that you think that mcdonalds is unhealthy and that you think there food is nasty but in reality you actually love it.

When I listen to certain songs,it makes me feel awsome :D I listen to alot of LinkinPark -Briarwoodninja

Sometimes I think that I'm a character in The Sims 3 and someone is controlling everything I do.

Check the toilet paper after wiping your ass

Wasting a whole bunch of time trying to find how to make one and realizing it was at the top and that you forgot what you were going to put in the first place.

Kill Jb without getting aressted.

Have to have a certain light in the bathroom to poop. Also, nobody can be anywhere near me.

Typing what you want to put in a message, then deleting it because you daren't send it

You tell your friends that you hate the Rick roll'd song even though you secretly like it.

Seperate your food on you dinner plate

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.