You tell your friends that you hate the Rick roll'd song even though you secretly like it.

Seperate your food on you dinner plate

if I see submissions above mine get thumbs up but not mine I will put them down

when riding home on my bike with music on pretenend im in a race with no1 and commentate on iend get really exccited on the last straight especielly when a rocky soundtrack song comes on

Ladies ; wear the thin underwear with the really skinny jeans & pants , & save the thick underwear for the baggy jeans & sweatpants ..

Singing alone in the car and then stopping, scared that there is an audio recorder in the car recording you singing.

After learning a new word, I hear it used and written EVERYWHERE for the next week.

on hot summer days when I exit the shower I only dry off my legs to the point where they aren't dripping but my leg hair is still wet.

I can't get out of bed in the mornings unless the alarm clock reads 0 or 5.

trying to look cool when you're driving past other cars.

I hold my breath in elevators

pee in the side of the toilet so its not as loud.

Try tosing in the same tone and impersonate a girl voice while listening to music in my room, but then quickly start humming in a low voice when someones walking by -Ethan

You always go to the corner of the shower when the cold water is running.

Somethings thinking: O God, I love this world.

Air guitar to a song of how you think it would be on a Guitar Hero game.

pull the poo out of my butt when im too impatient to push it out

Popping your finger in your bellybutton, and then smelling it. You secretly like the cheesy smell.

Always have your feet under the cover, and if not, you think that something will get you.

I am convinced that nobody had opened bacon or packets of ham with the flappy corner because it dosnt work!! So i get a knife and saw it out.

when looking for lost keys i return to the place they should be at least 5 times and look there

sneeze without closing my eyes

Hatch an escape plan as soon as my date starts to complain about anything.

Consume skin around finger nails. Cuticle too.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.