if i put my shirt on backwards, instead of taking my shirt off and putting it on right, i pull my arms in and just spin my shirt.

Be best friends with someone and tell them all your secrets and then they become best friends with someone else and you hope they won't tell your secrets

When I find a new song I like, I listen to it over and over and over; >>Until I run that sh*t into the ground.

When going to the bathroom, lock it and when trying to unlock and don't succeed immediately... ITS A TRAP! I'M LOCKED IN MY OWN BATHROOM!!

I precisley fold toilet paper , so that I can unfold it and use the other side

Tip my couch over to dig for something I have lost and then end up finding a bunch of random crap.

Tried to suck ur own penis

I try really hard to come up with a funny joke on antijokes.com, then I give up and come to this website instead.

I think Lois Griffin on Family Guy is hot!

When dunking oreos I like to hold it under the milk and watch the bubbles til they stop

When my cat follows me, I pretend we're a pack or some sort of gang and i would be the leader.

When I remember something embarrassing I did or even something someone else did, I will yell random words. It started just with gasping but now I have like 5 words that I'll say randomly. It's evolved to include stressful or disturbing thoughts and not just embarrassing things. I have a pretty stressful life so I'm basically continuously making random sounds then looking around terrified that someone's heard.

when I have to shred important documents I am still not satisfied that I even burn the shredded paper

Sometimes I think that if we play with dolls, maybe we're just dolls that someone is playing with and creating lives for.

When I listen to certain songs,it makes me feel awsome :D I listen to alot of LinkinPark -Briarwoodninja

While lying in the tub the water gets cold so u turn back on the hot water with ur feet bc u are too lazy to get up and turn it on with your hands

Look at my eyes really close in the mirror and turn the lights off, wait, and then back on just watch my pupils change size. PS: Really? No way - I could've sworn I was the only weirdo who did that!

Sometimes I wonder if my whole life is a hallucination and I'm actually in some padded room somewhere, talking to myself and staring into space while my real family mourns the fact that their daughter will never be able to live a real life...

Sometimes, I skim through the Terms of Service just to make sure I'm not selling my soul or promising my first-born.

I always feel a little twinge of regret when I see "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service," because I know it's a lie.

Sometimes I imagine what it would look like if I was seeing out of another person's eyes across from where I happen to be.

When I'm laying in bed and I feel my heartbeat, I turn around so I can't feel it because it makes me feel sick.

Absentmindedly rub your stomach while lying down watching or reading.

Twice on two different internet super power sites, I posted sdrawkcab epyt ot REWEP eth"... ...Sadly I forgot to type MORAL under them, so they have... several thumbs ups... NERO: In a world of bithes and h0m0f*gs that never understood that my "MORALS" where pure SARCASM!... Oh, I also think I am one of the three hundred guys that gangbang your mother.

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