That awkward moment when you thought the other person opened the door for you to go in first, when it was actually for that person.

I stick used soap to a new soap so I don't waste it.

When I'm home alone, I get paranoid and think that someone is watching me and I try to act cool and funny just to impress them.

I talk to my pet when no one is home.

Leave the fan on at night just in case you feel to warm.

Use an entirely different vocabulary in your head than everyday life.

Read and laugh at about any top comment here... because it happens to me too.

Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <

Wheneveri brush my teeth, I make a snarling face.

I scrape the scum off my teeth with my fingernail and then I eat it.

On the train, try and mathematically make (add,subtract,multiply,divide etc.) the carriage number to get to ten

I somtimes think about what I would o if I had a wish and I go into a lot of detail about it in my head and then realize it will never actually happen

OMG have you ever realized that one of your eyes is showing everything more reddish and the other one showing everything more bluish just like these old 3d glasses

when im alone and in a bad mood i make stupid faces with my eyes closed and try and figure out how stupid i looked. then i start laughing hysterically because i think that im an idiot. then i repeat this process until i have to pee from laughing so hard because im already in the bathroom so why not utilize the toilet, rather than waiting for a commercial and speed-peeing because im scared that i missed some of the show i was watching :D -Grace-

Make scary faces in the mirror and try to scare myself

I try really hard to come up with a funny joke on, then I give up and come to this website instead.

I never side with the majority (if given a choice.)

Any time I shop for used clothes, I always have to ask, “Did anybody die in this?” –Ikka

I am always SO sure the metal detector or store alarms will go off when I walk through them. –Ikka

Having the tv on always, just for background noise. Doesn't work with a computer/laptop, must be the tv.

Eat pizza backwards because the crust isn't as good as the cheese part and I want to get that over with.

i have conversations in my head about showing someone some music and end up playing specific parts of various songs on my ipod and memorise the timings just in case it does happen

Rub boogers under the arm rest on the couch.

Open a new google tab when someone walks in the room, even if I wasn't looking at anything bad.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.