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Remembering that you're breathing and then it stops being subconscious so you have to purposely breathe until you stop thinking about it.

Whenever someone is making a speech, I imagine them being taken out by a sniper mid-speech...

I chew on anything plastic. I don't think there's a pen that I haven't chewed on or a plastic cap I haven't put in my mouth. It's a horrible habit but it feels so DAMN GOOD TO CHEW!

I approach balcony ledges with my feet firmly planted, just in case a random person decides to come pick me up and throw me off the balcony.

I click my teeth to music

sing in the shower

I imagine myself dying in the worst possible way more than once a day. I don't, I was driving on a bridge and all I could picture was it collapsing and falling onto me, When I'm lying in bed, I imagine my ceiling fan toppling me.

saying long strings of unconnected words in your head and wondering if you just said something that noone else ever has

I constantly talk to myself.

When I have headphones in, I wonder if my swallowing is extremely loud for everyone else too.


You pause while walking around your house when you're home alone because you think you heard a noise, but then realize it was just you walking.

think about all of the things you would do if you were the only person on earth

I walk into a room and forget why I'm in there.

Answering questions that weren't directed at me, then awkwardly playing it off like they were talking to you.

When I see interactive ads on webpages ( "Shoot 5 iPhones And Get One Free!" type of windows ), I feel compelled to finish the task, even though I KNOW it's going to open a pop-up and waste 10 seconds of my life.

I unlike Facebook pages if they spam my wall.

When nobody's home I blast the stereo and sing as loud as I can.

working out escape routes for each room in your house when you're alone, just in case

When your sitting on the toilet you watch a video,or read something on your ipod/ipad/etc

When no one's at home, the house turns into an action movie set. Going to my room turns into sprinting up the stairs and purposely stumbling to give the effect that bombs are going off. And always make it to the room in time to hop on the last helicopter out of the jungle.

While listening to music, I imagine an insanely huge dance number to go along with it.

Smiling like an Idiot when you get a cute text

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.