Open the fridge every 15 minutes, to see if there is anything new to eat.

mentally scolding yourself for thinking something dirty just in case the person you're thinking about can read your thoughts

Wonder why there are sites like this.

Have to take the phone with you everytime to the bathroom

Math tests-doing all the work for a problem only to find out my answer is not any of the multiple choices.

Have a dream with horribly unfortunate events (like having an amputation or being in prison) waking up from said dream and saying something like, "Good thing that was a dream, don't know what I'd do if that was real"

Think about the things you could do if you had the power to stop the time.

Open the microwave at 1 second left to pretend you're on a bomb squad.

Abuse your pet when nobody's looking

When i take off my watch before i go to sleep i smell my wrist.

If I have a black surface I scratch my dandruff onto and make a dandruff galaxy.

Find something you dislike about your face/body and instantly compare it with every person you meet from then on

Always think good thoughts before I go to bed so that I have good dreams

You remember something funny. You smile like an idiot. Everyone around thinks your weird for randomly smiling.

make food scream if i chop them up.

I never read the Terms of Service. I just click "OK"

Sometimes I beat box when I am alone.

I dont know weather or not to flush the toilet at night incase i wake somebody, its even worse in other peoples houses.

when i watch tv and it cuts to break, if i hear someone on the tv tell me not to change the chanel, ill say "u cant tell me what to do!" and then ill change it.

My most intimate moments are constantly interrupted by the same thought..."oh, God...what if there is a secret security cam in here...CUT TO: oh God...can my dead grandparents see me now????"

ask my dog questions then realize, she can't talk...

whenever im getting a haircut, i feel as if the barber can see my embarrassing and private thoughts.

close the fridge door really slowly just so you can see the light turn off

Say 'WED', 'NES' and 'DAY' slowly in your head when spelling Wednesday.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.