I freak myself out during class/assembly/family dinners that someone there can read my mind, then just on cue I start thinking about sex and have to change my train of thought before they think I'm strange. Then I go round in a circle (clockwise of course) and scream their names in my head to see if they look so I know who reads minds.

Scan forward to best parts of songs, rarely listen to entire song.

Attempting to silently sneak a fart, then it erupts from your anus.

I buy books and never read them and get mad at myself for doing so.

For some reason, I smile whenever I'm telling someone bad news or a sad story. I always try to not smile, but it doesn't work and I feel like a terrible person.

I try to fill the surface of the toilet water with bubbles when I pee.

Sometimes when I look at something up close, I alternate closing each eye and looking at the object from the other eye, then switch again. I do it really fast to make it look like that thing is moving. It's really entertaining.

Whenever i wear long sleeves i always hold onto the sleeves with my ring and pinkie fingers.

Every time I switch pages on thingsyouthinkonlyyoudo.com, I always end up reading If you don't see banners here, it doesn't mean they are not there.

Go up stairs two steps at a time. Avoid those stairs forever if there are an odd number and I have to end in a single step.

Automatically lie to your dentist when they ask if you floss

After hearing a song, you think, oh i have never heard of that before, and then you start hearing it every single day....

I think I have superpowers and sometimes I try to use them by force, like lifting a pencil with my mind or elevate from the ground.

The longer it takes me to find the light switch in the dark the more frantic and terrified I become.

While im showering, I place my hands in a certain position so it looks like I can shoot water out of my fingers.

Post on this website, then give yourself the first thumbs up to kick-start your success.

When i go to the bathroom i have to lift my shirt up the whole way.

Remembering that you're breathing and then it stops being subconscious so you have to purposely breathe until you stop thinking about it.

Turning on the TV for background noise when I'm on my computer.

when looking for lost keys i return to the place they should be at least 5 times and look there

sing in the shower

when i am in a long car ride i look out the window and imagine im in a sad music video

Look at the clock, then instantly forget what time it is and look again.

When I'm laying in bed, I make sure that my feet are covered and not hanging off the edge so that monsters don't eat them in my sleep.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.