must have the tv volume set to an even number or feel weird

My hoodie/jacket strings HAVE to be equal in length, or I pull them then restretch the hood out to make them even.

Pretend I'm much more popular than I am with people who don't know my social life.

I will look up the definition of a word in a text message before I use it just incase I'm using it in the wrong context.

when i have to go down stairs at night, i have to sprint up the stairs in case there are ghosts/monsters never dangle my feet over the bed in case something tickles/touches them

Fill up a glass, drink half, then fill it up again.

Check the toilet paper after wiping your ass

When I see myself in the mirror, I have to make a funny face just to make sure my face still works.

Stalk people on facebook, find out something interesting, and later claim that it 'came up on your newsfeed'.

use the shower water running of my arms and hands to shoot off random hairs inside the shower

I dip my pizza crust in soda

Open the fridge, nothing there, close fridge, open again just to make sure nothing has magically appeared

I like to play with the condensation on the outside of glasses, sometimes drawing in it, or just wiping it all off. I get half-way annoyed when it comes back, until I play with it again.

Sometimes I think the whole world is set up, and I feel like I'm living in some kind of Truman Show. I even sometimes say "I know you're there" to the moon.

I look at people and think, "they poop" then as I'm imagining them pooping I hurry and change thoughts before they finish.

I never turn in a complete circle. If I did, I would have to turn around in the other direction to "erase" the first circle

Imagine yourself and friends as band members while listening to songs.

I get creeped out if I haven't looked at a clock in a while and when I finally do it reads 9:11

i smoke weed all day.

I buy books and never read them and get mad at myself for doing so.

I freak myself out during class/assembly/family dinners that someone there can read my mind, then just on cue I start thinking about sex and have to change my train of thought before they think I'm strange. Then I go round in a circle (clockwise of course) and scream their names in my head to see if they look so I know who reads minds.

Know all the lyrics to a song but then realize you never actually "listened" to the song to see what it's about

Scan forward to best parts of songs, rarely listen to entire song.

I try to fill the surface of the toilet water with bubbles when I pee.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.