spank it during my commute if I am in traffic

Seriously I am tired but, I read the fucking solvemedia stating "forget this", then I stood there for a moment having just forgot what I was supposed to type. "Was I not supposed to forget what I just read?" Nero: BRAINWASHING! FORGET THIS AND LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER! IM LEUTANANT BANGUS YOUR MUTHERUS YOU IDIOT!

when i get pissed off at someone i go to an empty room and then imagine killing them

Bathroom occupied, piss in the kitchen sink.

Secretly think that Flo from the Progressive commercials is bangable.

when i use omegle u usually say im a girl, when a guy says how long is his thing, i say 'mine too' :D

Love feet. like LOVE feet.

I praise the honesty of you all! :) I think confessing here is kind of I alone?

Make fun of someone for something. Then realize you do the same thing

Imagine the perfect video game and wonder why nobody made it yet.

While walking past someone thats wearing sunglasses you stare at them and wonder if there staring a t you aswell

Feel the bed gets more comfortable the longer you put off getting into bed.

When bored in School, I like to imagine what I would do at that exact moment if a Zombie Apocalypse started.

When ever i watch a movie with my parents i hope to god there is no nudity or awkward sex talk

When I check into a hotel room I think about the countless number of sex acts that has been performed in there.

when you've done everything you wanted to do on the internet and stop and just stare at the screen.

Enjoy picking off scabs, thick skin around your nails, your nails, or the thick peeling skin left from a blister. Admit it, you love it.

Drop something down the side of the couch, say that you'll get it in a minute and then forget about it

Sometimes when my teacher calls on me in class I imagine myself saying F**** you and then having the whole class look at me in disbelief

When someone close to me sadly passes on and later when I am listening to the radio if I hear a song that sounds suitable to that moment I kind of make that our song if that makes sense to any of you

dont wash hands for the recommended 30 seconds

I use encryption even for everyday, routine communications because fuck the NSA.

I make a mental note NOT to buy the product or service if I feel they are trying to brainwash me with their ads.

whenever there's a fight on facebook, i sit back and read it and i'm just like "people are stupid hehe"

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.