I have mixed emotions when I drop a piece of food on the ground, like a chicken nugget, M&M, scoop of ice cream, etc - because part of me thinks it is sad because its only goal in life was to be eaten... but then the other part of me is happy for it, because it is possible that it *didn't* want to be eaten and has just made a successful escape. O_o

I deeply pick my nose with tweezers. It's like the relief of pooping to me.

Stepping on a concrete sidewalk square the exact amount of times as the others.

Go through a bunch of the boxes with the messed up letters (The ones making sure your not a robot) trying to find one you like. Then, click the refresh button and realize that the last one might have been the best one you were going to get.

When I'm at home alone, I feel like people are watching me through my windows, so I act completely civil.

after switching lights..i go run as hard as i could do after reaching the bed

forget i left the light on somewhere in the house and when i see it on i think a ghost did it..

When you're scared of the bathroom and you close your eyes you quickly look around to check if there's a monster or something in the mirror

Whilst passing a mega dump or room clearer as my brother calls them I come up with songs...sometimes in spanish

Before going to the bathroom, check behind the shower curtains for serial killers.

I forget I turned the toaster on and jump when it goes off.

when my mum buys way too much of something I imagine were one of those 'doomsday preppers' families, with mounds of supplies in our basement.

I combine every item on my plate in all the possible ways, then i eat the worst part of the meal and save the best part til last.

When I'm on a site that requires you to login with Facebook or Twitter to leave a comment, I click on the names of the nice looking ones to go see their pages to add them to my friends list.

I always poke myself in the eye when I put on mascara, then have a wild hand spasm so it gets all over my face.

Leftovers are better than the actual meal ;)

I cannot f***ing believe how many of these i do... and now i feel out of place

Poo really loud

I love the feeling of covering my entire body in Barbisol shaving cream,shaving my cock n balls,then masturbating.have you ever done this?

Pick your dead skin then eat it.

When you walk across a cross walk and you stretch your steps so it takes one step for each line, yet you still try to look casual because ur in public

I don't like Winter. Because I'm scared that when we use the heater, our house will catch on fire.

Change the channel when a Progressive commercial comes on because I can't STAND that stupid Flo girl.

Panic when your car alarm goes off while you are going to get in because you suddenly look like a criminal.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.