I wonder if elections are rigged?

I feel no shame that I am a camgirl online and bring in about $2800 a month just to flash guys my boobs. :)

Try to time the traffic light so that when I snap, my light turns green. Always so so close.

Leftovers are better than the actual meal ;)

Being all alone in your house and your mind starts to believe its haunted.

Always run up the stairs as if someone was chasing you.

Wait until my friends are done eating lunch so I don't have to dump my tray alone.

Get somewhat worried about myself if I'm thumbed down on THIS SITE.

When I see something on facebook i dont like, I like it just so i can unlike it.

hover over public toilets and end up leaving a sprinkling of pee that lands uniformly all over on the seat then use a big wad of TP and my foot to wipe down the seat.

When I wipe after taking a poo I always get excited when there is no extra poo to be wiped off...yea...don't judge

Liking your own posts to make it seem like at least 1 person likes you. thinking that maybe someone will be slightly compelled to like it because someone already did.

when my mum buys way too much of something I imagine were one of those 'doomsday preppers' families, with mounds of supplies in our basement.

Bored. Open refrigerator. Nothing to eat. Open it again five minutes later.

Poop naked.

At work or in public and I am wearing snug pants I think sexy thoughts so I'll have half a harding and make people think it's that big all the time.

when watching a movie or tv show, i think i am the main character and when it does somthing stupid i become embaressed

In elementary school whenever it was supposed to be mental math I never did it mentally.

I brace myself and close my eyes when I send an email to my teachers or parents.

Sometimes when my mom is aking me something and then i tell her the truth i start smirking automatically as if i'd be lying because i don't know how to make a serious face

When I was a kid and I misbehaved when my dad used to smack me I would put emphasis in my cries to let him think that I got the lesson.

when you read a post that you don't do then start doing it

Being stuck in a traffic jam and wishing I could just apparate

Get annoyed when you are making a new account and it sends you bafk because of credit card or email address

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.