I pick at my cuticles when I'm bored.

brush the dandruff from my eyebrows

Just think about this. I do. What if we are all a character from The Sims and there is someone controlling us as their character and we never really did anything by our own choice. Creepy.

Worry a lot about the efficiency of your path when walking.

I keep tearing the little piece of skin next to my thumb nail until it hurts - and even if it bleeds I have to get it off.

I feel like people next to me can read my mind so if I start thinking about something sexual it feels super awkward

Touch something dirty with one hand then wash it but then wash the other hand cause it feels weird when it's not wet like your other hand.

When I'm riding passenger in a car, things I'm driving past will be a part of my imaginary drum kit. When a car passes in the opposite direction, I'll tap my right foot as the bass drum, a drain hole along the gutter is my left hand snare, and the street signs and lights are the hi-hats in my right hand.

every timee i type a messege to some 1 in chat i imaging what the othe person looks like-jesse

Walking down the toy isle in the store, and feeling a little sad that you're not a kid anymore.

even though you know you turned the light off, you have to go check before you can get to sleep

Before drinking the actual soft drink, I drink the fizz as fast as I can.

Closing your eyes and covering your ears when you think someone is going to throw up.

Fall down the stairs, bounce on your ass to the bottom, feel scared, then want to DO IT AGAIN! Get pwned at a game, rage, look at your cat sitting beside you, looking back, and say "What?"

Only read the shortest sentences on "Things You Think Only You Do". More than 2 sentences I skip.

Still record on VHS tapes.

I love the We'll Be Right Back jingle on the Eric Andre show.

Put a few bits of toilet paper in the toilet before having a poo so there is no splash!

While driving out in the country area, I am secretly looking for Squatch

Get the feeling that somebody is going to grab your foot when you walk by a bed in the dark...

I often think about how I am a thing inside of a body

When I'm walking on pavement or tiles I always make patterns, e.g stepping on every second tile, stepping a certain amount of times on each bit of pavement

Pick out an object ahead of me on the footpath and guess which foot will step closest to it

Sometimes when I look at a clock the seconds hand ticks backwards

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.