Point your finger to the sky when your favorite song comes on in the club or the radio

Fire imaginary rocket launchers at passenger planes flying overhead, then panic thinking what if it really blows up?


Pretend the legs of a chair are the barrels of a mini gun while moving them.

After watching a video of someone doing something tiring, I always feel tired in whichever body part they were using in the video

Get annoyed when I click on the "popular" button and it's always the same things.

Get excited when your friends think your favorite song is cool.

Drum on the chair between your legs and wonder if people think that you're playing with yourself.

I make weird crazy faces at myself in the mirror whenever I leave the bathroom.

I see something glittery, someone tells me not to pick it up because I'll glitter all over myself, I pick it up anyway and glitter all over myself.

Get really annoyed when something interrupts your yawn... then try and force yourself to complete the yawn

When I was younger I started doing a weird habit of playing music and spinning around in circles in my room... .. I still do it to this day.

sometimes playing on music on your iPod you think people will like even though you're wearing headphones and nobody can hear you

from now on in gonna eat healthier! *seeing chocolate* hm... okay i'll make an exemption today but from TOMORROW on!!!

I wonder do females have morning wood equivalent?

sometimes if I am going on a flight to another country I will hold a small pocket of air in my mouth before getting on the plane and then I would let it out after we land

get under the covers and curl up into a ball to get warm really fast

Scratch my asshole and always judge it to be okay to continue my day, no matter how bad the smell.

if im somewhere and say i get a itchy ass,i would say to a friend whilst sctatching " i have the itchyist but whole in the world right now" jokingly. but then think to myself, i wonder if there is someone in the world right now at the same time as me who has actually got a itchyer butt lol

I drive in the car then suddenly awake from a day dream and realize ive driven for the last 4 miles with no recollection of the journey.

Sometimes, I have a hard time looking people I know in the eyes but have no trouble looking strangers in the eyes. I wish I knew why. Help!

Walking down the toy isle in the store, and feeling a little sad that you're not a kid anymore.

I sometimes start thinking about very non sexual things in the middle of masturbation, like what I'm going to wear the next day.

fart then blame it on the guy next to me realizing theres no one near me and everyone looks at me....awkward

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.