When I am driving, I hate everyone else who is driving.

After masterbating, I wonder if my dead relatives can just see what I did?

I wonder what a baby is saying when they are telling you off?

Get the feeling that somebody is going to grab your foot when you walk by a bed in the dark...

I use two pillows as I sleep, but I don't put them under my head, I put my head in between them.

Show desktop when mom or dad walks in.

For some reason I really love to be hated on horsehead network, no idea why, stopped questioning it moments ago... Moral: Know what I mean?

Put your feet up on the wall when you can't get to sleep

Wait until there is nobody in the bathroom and then fart really really loud. Also I flip my pillow every 10 minutes so my head is on the cold side. (try it some time)

I have mixed emotions when I drop a piece of food on the ground, like a chicken nugget, M&M, scoop of ice cream, etc - because part of me thinks it is sad because its only goal in life was to be eaten... but then the other part of me is happy for it, because it is possible that it *didn't* want to be eaten and has just made a successful escape. O_o

Sometimes when I go to a drive in restaurant, and get an order of fries, I empty the bag out, and there are a few fries in the bottom of the bag. I Enjoy those the most, as I feel they were free

I know how to Gleek on command. (Don't know what it is just look it up.)

At work or in public and I am wearing snug pants I think sexy thoughts so I'll have half a harding and make people think it's that big all the time.

Whenever I'm throwing trash down the garbage chute or into a dumpster, I all of the sudden am terrified that I accidentally threw out a valuable ring/my cell phone with the trash.

Remove all the stupid gobbldegook words that the captchas from this site add to my predictive text.

hug the pillow at night so it protects me from monsters

When someone is reading something I have to read it at sonic speed in my head before they get to the end and if i dont do it in time I get angry.

Has anyone else ever wondered why the women in shows and movies lie with the blanket covering them after apparently having sex with the other person.

call someone by a siblings name.

I have to look at myself in multiple mirrors before I leave my apartment. Sometimes if I'm alone, I'll walk back and forth between 2 or 3 mirrors about 25 times before I'm content to leave.

read some posts and then sit with friends and try to come up with some good things for this website

Wonder who decide what news stories we see and don't see?

I eat one way in public and another way in private.

Have to catch my significant other when they lie, not because I really care but to prove I'm smarter

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.