While I Am on the computer late at night, my Mum tells me to go to bed, I say I will in a second. I stay for a few more minutes, my mum tells me again, I do the same thing...

Can't stand it if something rubs against my knees up the way...if it happens i have to rub them down the way with my hands or they feel weird

Look at adigital clock sideways when in bed while tryingto sleep and try to make the numbers look like faces

I don't like to meet people when I'm well dressed because that's not me all of the time.

Coughing really loud to cover up the sound of your fart, then shitting your pants.

Doing something bad, then being ashamed because you think your dead family members watch you doing it saying tsk tsk

After eating a banana I leave the last bit that was in the bottom

Sometimes I think of doing really bad things and smirk, only to later regret even thinking of it and start questioning myself while feeling bad about it.

Turn the door knob while closing the door ...so it doesn't make a loud noise.

get really freaked out when your in a parking lot and the car next to you starts backing up and you think your moving forward.

Not wanting to think about something but your brain thinks about it because you are trying not to think about it so much.

Try to time the traffic light so that when I snap, my light turns green. Always so so close.

When two people in my house are arguing, I stay in my room to avoid awkwardly interrupting them and being dragged into it.

After masterbating, I wonder if my dead relatives can just see what I did?

I deeply pick my nose with tweezers. It's like the relief of pooping to me.

When realizing i'm being a little bitchy, I laugh and smile right after my sentence to make myself seem a little nicer.

I pick at my cuticles when I'm bored.

after brushing my teeth I chew on the granules that are on my teeth

Takes playful flirting way to seriouse.

I make different scenarios for different songs I listen to. I pretend the walls and couches are people. I talk to them.

Find that the kettle has recently been used and still contains hot water so decide to have a cup of tea just so that boiling that water wasn't a waste. Think that it might have cooled down by now. Reboil the water.

Check the toilet paper after every wipe.

jack off

sometimes *sigh* sometimes I-I-I-I feel like the third or fourth most useless invention! Moral: BUAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.