~When you turn around, somebody is already looking at you; something is probably on your face. (I know they look at you because you would look at anybody turning around, but I just hate it)

Use é instead of e to spell Pokémon

Thinking our singing voices are amazing, until we record it and play it back.

Realized with 7 billion people, there is a chance that someone else on earth is doing exactly the same thing as me at any given time.

Wake up, unnaturally hungry, make meal fit for a king.

Sniff or tap to a rhythm to some sort of beat I composed in my head...

When I used to go on car rides at night I would look up at the moon and I would think it was following us.

i have my own way of eating every chocolate bar i eat, layer by layer

When it's as quiet as possible in the classroom in the middle of the period and everyone is silently doing their work.... I suddenly think of something REALLY funny and spend the next half hour awkwardly grinning trying my hardest not to burst out uncontrollably.

While I Am on the computer late at night, my Mum tells me to go to bed, I say I will in a second. I stay for a few more minutes, my mum tells me again, I do the same thing...

Stand really close to the mirror and look myself in the eyes. Try to scare myself or make a really fast movement, hoping my reflection can't keep up.

Solving your problems in bed before sleeping and then forgetting all of the solutions when you wake up. This applies to games, homework, and world hunger.

When I listen to certain songs,it makes me feel awsome :D I listen to alot of LinkinPark -Briarwoodninja

When I'm laying in bed and I feel my heartbeat, I turn around so I can't feel it because it makes me feel sick.

I sometimes start thinking about very non sexual things in the middle of masturbation, like what I'm going to wear the next day.

go though and like the posts with only one like so the person who wrote it doesn't feel alone.

I wonder what a baby is saying when they are telling you off?

Fall down the stairs, bounce on your ass to the bottom, feel scared, then want to DO IT AGAIN! Get pwned at a game, rage, look at your cat sitting beside you, looking back, and say "What?"

Get the feeling that somebody is going to grab your foot when you walk by a bed in the dark...

scream after your in the ooh part of achooh when you sneeze.

I wonder why people were happy after the last election

Only taking half a biscuit because it makes you feel bad and then taking another half of a different biscuit.

Imagine punching someone you hate in the face, but when you see them in person you think "Oh s***!!!!" and hide.

Smelling your armpits to see if you smell and then disguising at as yawn/stretch

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.