Whenever I'm throwing trash down the garbage chute or into a dumpster, I all of the sudden am terrified that I accidentally threw out a valuable ring/my cell phone with the trash.

Stepping on people's feet when I approach to kiss/hug/say hi to them.

When you are almost crying while laughing in a silent area, you have to think terrible thoughts just to get rid of the laughing.

I walk down the stairs sideways because I'm afraid something will get me.

Okay so probably like everyone else, when Schapelle Corby was found with drugs on her in bali I thought she was innocent but now since she was let out of the prison I am wondering if she did do it?

When ever a door is about to close I always try to put my hand between the door and stop it, but it gets to small and I get scared.

take 30 pictures and only find 1 where you dont look like shit

When i talk i say i like how or i hate that.

Things I did when I was little: Slowly close the fridge door to see the light go out before it is closed all of the way. Put the light switch in between "OFF" and "ON". Walked in to a room and forgot why, walked out then remembered. (STILL DO!) Drew the sun in the corner of the paper. Put a flashlight in your mouth to see yourself, "blush".

When I'm walking on the sidewalks, I make a game of how to walk on the pavement squares so I don't step on a line.

you look at someone and they look toward you and you look away quickly then you look back to see if they are still looking.

When something says "I have read and agree to the terms of service" I quickly skim through it nd act like I read it.

Pretending I'm on my cellphone in public.

I used to peep when my relatives are watching porn, back when i was a kid. After that, i feel like i wanna pee.

When talking to someone you sometimes start with the middle of a story through the end, complete with random details that seem totally unrelated to them, and THEN you remember to tell the beginning (which is the part that actually relates to what they were talking about).

Skip lines to read faster then get confused by everything for the next 10 pages.

Sometimes cringe at the sound when other people scratch themselves

Nero the clit collector. What+ you never collected stamps, coins or something? YOUR CRIMES! WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES FOR FUCKlNG CRIMES SAKE ETC.

When you had a crush on a girl in elementary school, then don't see her in middle school and think of how much of a bitch she was. Then You start crushing on her again in high school.

eat curry and don't complain about its spiciness ...if you're not white

when i use omegle u usually say im a girl, when a guy says how long is his thing, i say 'mine too' :D

When playing Sims, i spend more time building my house, than playing the game itself.

when i m in a car i'll look at the letters on license plates and try to think of words that you can make-or almost make- with those letters

Sometimes when you're at work and you're REALLY horny, you look around at the women you work with and think who you really would like to bone, then on another particular day when you aren't horny, you see the same women and think to yourself " I must have REALLY been horny. What was I thinking?" lol (not trying to be gross, but honestly, who doesn't get horny while at work sometimes)

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.