When you get lost while driving, the first thing you do is turn down the radio.

Trace the letters on the front of your textbooks with your finger.

when my mum buys way too much of something I imagine were one of those 'doomsday preppers' families, with mounds of supplies in our basement.

Sometimes when I look at a clock the seconds hand ticks backwards

When I'm listening to a sad song that relates to my life while I'm walking all alone, I mouth the words and pretend I'm in a music video.

I like to record the audio from TV shows and movies onto cassette tapes from my stereo, and listen to them on my Walkman while I'm working in the kitchen or around the house.

I sometimes wonder what my past self would do differently if it knew what would be going on now

avoid using ketchup and mayo since they make everything taste like um... ketchup and mayo... which is kind of boring

Flush the toilet before you finish peeing

I love the feeling of covering my entire body in Barbisol shaving cream,shaving my cock n balls,then masturbating.have you ever done this?

I go to the fridge, see that there is nothing I want to eat in it, and then go back to it a minute later hoping that something I like has materialized

jump down the stairs when im almost down to save time

Ask me if an outfit makes you look fat? I'll say VERY!

I always find myself criticizing some commercials on television like the first time I see them I think nothing of it but the third or fourth time I think hey wait a second...

Sometimes I worry that my life is just someones dream and that I'm not real.

I love to garden and I love flowers. I refuse to have a window box because I don't want those creepy Sesame Street twiddlebugs to live that close to my house.

"Turn the tv volume with my feet" "Take a wood stick and think it's a sword"

I can't trill my R's

I am such a coward. When I'm going to have an argument or complain to someone, I think of the beat ever retort, but when it comes down to it I say "why are you so mean" or " why don't you just leave me alone for once" or something like that. ( Yes I get picked on, cos I'm the smartest in our class)

I sniff my finger after I scatch my bunghole lol

I look at this site and wonder if the thumbs up are all from people who actually do the same thing, or just people who like that or think it's a funny thing to do.

I sometimes deliberately miss buses or trains even though I could easily board them.

When a room is dark and the light is really far away, I close my eyes to feel my way to the lamp.

Has anyone else ever wondered why the women in shows and movies lie with the blanket covering them after apparently having sex with the other person.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.