While I Am on the computer late at night, my Mum tells me to go to bed, I say I will in a second. I stay for a few more minutes, my mum tells me again, I do the same thing...

I always twist my washcloth into a cone shape, so when I take my next shower it is dry and hardened. Then I pretend stab it into my stomach and say "MY LIFE FOR AIUR!" before getting it wet again.

Have to catch my significant other when they lie, not because I really care but to prove I'm smarter

I pick at my cuticles when I'm bored.

I always cry when I pray.

Know almost every line from spongbob episodes.

Hit the enter key really hard when finishing a long piece of text that you have just written.

Hate people who don't dress like you because they're not fashionable. Hate people who do dress like you because they threaten your individuality.

has a plastic bag full of plastic bags in your house

I Never read the Terms of Service but click the box anyway .

After a meal if I need to use a toothpick I would eat the piece of food I "picked".

Whenever I see a girl, I always do the math for how good they would be for banging

I brace myself and close my eyes when I send an email to my teachers or parents.

I try to not step on the lines on the sidewalk

Sometimes I like to count the amount of steps it takes to get upstairs/downstairs. Then I realize that the number is never the same.

When I'm riding passenger in a car, things I'm driving past will be a part of my imaginary drum kit. When a car passes in the opposite direction, I'll tap my right foot as the bass drum, a drain hole along the gutter is my left hand snare, and the street signs and lights are the hi-hats in my right hand.

I turn on the faucet or turn up the radio in the bathroom so maybe no one can hear me pee.

after doing the dishes i get my hands wet after putting my jumper on cause i failed 2 dry my hands propley my arms a f***** cold dammit!!

pinch the tip of my dick when I masturbate.

When I wake up after having a good dream I try to remember it but I don't

I have seen a UFO

Get freaked out when door bell or phone rings when you are doing something you are not supposed to.

Wondering if your life is a TV show, and people are watching what you do.

think that your whole life is just a dream and that you're going to wake up someday

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.