fart then blame it on the guy next to me realizing theres no one near me and everyone looks at me....awkward

I wonder if sport games are rigged?

When a tooth is very loose,i shake it with my tongue because that pain is relaxing.

Pulling the same faces as the character you are reading currently is.

I still put my thumb in my mouth, BUT only because I like the feel of putting my eye lashes under my fingernails and my thumb inconveniantly fits in my mouth. Now I know I'm the only person in the world who does this. I'm trying to drop the habit. But it feels so GOOD!

hover over public toilets and end up leaving a sprinkling of pee that lands uniformly all over on the seat then use a big wad of TP and my foot to wipe down the seat.

When im alone in my car i talk to myself about lifes issues

When I go up the stairs, I always have to end on my right foot. If I have to, I will even hop on one foot on the last stair in order to land on it.

right after I turn the shower off I jump up and down to get rid of the extra water all over me...

.don't like something because being scared that it appears on my wall.

When I step on something pokey, I don't say the quick "OW" that is expected, I go the extra syllable and a say "JOW!"

I like to food shop between midnight and 5 am

I hate when my mom hangs my underwear on the clothesline outside.

Drink out the carton (your whole family prob does it)

when i was a kid, i lookup dirty words in the english dictionary as substitute for porn :(

Watched the woman in black then go to bed then suddenly a woman in black comes in my room oh wait it is just my mum saying good night

Never tell her who I was talking to on the phone and watch her nosy butt get upset

Tells a joke only you thought was funny and still laughs then laughs harder because your the only one laughing nikki

When a song comes on that i hate on the radio, i sing along with it because i know the lyrics. (Example: something by Justtin bieber D:)

sometimes i mouth improvised, ridiculous sentences in the mirror to see what i look like when i talk to people

Having sudden realizations that you are a person who exists.

When I am drinking coffee and I am nearly finished I swish the coffee to get the last of the sugar

Hearing someone say something but saying "what" because you need more time to think of an answer

test how many stares you can scale in one step

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.