Stare at something long enough thinking it will eventually move.

When I blow my nose I think I'm blowing my brains out and certain parts of things I learned at school are going into the tissue and will be forgotten forever.

Sometimes I blink and act like I am taking a picture with my eyes.

Sniff or tap to a rhythm to some sort of beat I composed in my head...

Get really annoyed when something interrupts your yawn... then try and force yourself to complete the yawn

I wonder do females have morning wood equivalent?

get home from work and masturbate instantly

I eat something and read book/newspaper/magazine at the same time. Then i take food crumbs off the book and eat them too.

I open the shower curtain when I get in the bathroom to make sure no ones there.

Laughing at a joke that you dont think is funny but everybody else does

When in class , I move alot in my chair when my butt itches .

Any time I break something, I always try to put it back so it looks completely normal. That way, the next person who picks it up will have it break right in their hands… Thus becoming their fault... -Ikka

when my mum buys way too much of something I imagine were one of those 'doomsday preppers' families, with mounds of supplies in our basement.

Fantasizing about your friends in like 25 years telling there teenage kids about growing up and being friends with you. When you are a huge rich and famous star.

When I'm in a car and I hear a song on the radio, I always imagine myself performing it perfectly in front of a crowd even though I know I'd never be able to do that. I've done this since I was very young and still do.

Sometimes I wonder how food tastes when not drowned in ketchup.

I find it easiest to read or study while sitting on the toilet.

When I am drinking coffee and I am nearly finished I swish the coffee to get the last of the sugar

Drink out the carton (your whole family prob does it)

When having a flog in the shower I keep checking the door to make sure noone walks in

get really freaked out when your in a parking lot and the car next to you starts backing up and you think your moving forward.

jack off

Invented a special password for yourself in order to recognize yourself if travel through time.

Try to make a sound described in a book or text (like a gasp or a gargle)

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.