Remove all the stupid gobbldegook words that the captchas from this site add to my predictive text.

When I see something on facebook i dont like, I like it just so i can unlike it.

whenever there's a fight on facebook, i sit back and read it and i'm just like "people are stupid hehe"

Not wanting to think about something but your brain thinks about it because you are trying not to think about it so much.

Thinking epic thoughts like "Man, had a great workout today" just in case someone is reading my mind.

You like to think about how your favorite characters would react if you told them that they were fictional.

when im alone i pretend to sniper zombies out my bedroom window

Remember some homework I have to do... On the day that it's due.

I can't help but wonder why people write things on web sites and don't bother checking their spelling. Now they look like an idiot no matter how funny or interesting it might have been.

When watching TV shows, I always think about what I would have done differently if I was the character in that particular situation.

Trying on other people's clothes at the gym/laundromat when they ain't looking!! (^_^)

Cough, whistle or hum while on the toilet for a time, just so anyone outside the door doesn't think I'm mastrubating.

Taking the time to lick all of the cream off of the inside of an Oreo.

get caught up in youtube comment arguments

jack off

When the car ride is silent, I wink with my right eye when I pass a sign on the right, and the opposite for the left. And then when there's a double yellow line, I close my eyes.

When I'm running a bath I sometimes sit and look at myself in the mirror and act out conversations with people I've never talked to or celebrities, and when I say something that sounds good I'll repeat it over and over again until I nail huge emotions on my face.

Make sudden movements in the mirror to try and catch out my reflection.

Flush the toilet before you finish peeing

When I aak someone out it takes me 3-6 attempts to get the words out

Sometimes I pee sitting down and act like i'm a girl.

Spinning around to get dizzy, then spinning the other way to try and undo it.

when I'm lying in bed and I really have to fart, I lift up the blanket, stick my ass out and fart into the night air to keep the stench out of my bed

laugh whenever I see an infomercial where the hosts glorify their products to the point where it seems like they have found Jesus it is hilarious.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.