Try to talk to my pet telepathically. - sky

I talk through my teeth when i am talking to my pets.

Looking up 'How to tell if your crush likes you' to get assurance that he/she loves you

i answer "why" to questions and then when someone gets pissed i say "when" Hey Jim, how's Mary? Why? Because she's your sister and I care about you. Why? Because you're my best friend. Why? STOP IT! When?

while I am sitting on the toilet I play with it and waste the toilet paper and of course i just keep flushing it

When riding in a car I pump my arms to pretend I'm running at an incredible rate.

think that your whole life is just a dream and that you're going to wake up someday

i try to spit onto my line of piss while going to the toilet.

Happy April 28th everyone! Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, a time for new beginnings to run wild, a time to put a final ending to the past mistakes and troubling thoughts that may have been clouding your mind for far too long until now... The time is here, The time is now, Today is the day, Right here, right now, Right this moment, This is the right time... This, IS THE TIME TO DECIDE... To take time to make time, and let time pass by while you try to decide on how you wanna live your life? Falling into the same patterns as time before, and as will be, time after time? OR, simply, you can choose to LIVE... letting yourself have the time of YOUR LIFE!!! =) The choice is yours, what will you decide??? <3

When bored, I often fold pieces of paper to make a little point and poke my fingers/hands with it.

When on a boring car ride, add up all the numbers on the licence plates I see.

make south park refferences every day

I can't drink while I'm walking I have to stop.

Apologizing to things when I drop them and feeling stupid afterwards

draw pictures on the mirror from the shower steam

Waste time looking all over for something and notice it is right where it should be.

Coughing really loud to cover up the sound of your fart, then shitting your pants.

When I listen to certain songs,it makes me feel awsome :D I listen to alot of LinkinPark -Briarwoodninja

When reading some of the weirder things here, I somewhat worry some of these things people do might start happening to me just because I read about them.

When realizing i'm being a little bitchy, I laugh and smile right after my sentence to make myself seem a little nicer.

I brace myself and close my eyes when I send an email to my teachers or parents.

wake up in the middle of the night and write your dream if you like it. Or just write all night and dont sleep all night for days at a time.

Fantasizing about your friends in like 25 years telling there teenage kids about growing up and being friends with you. When you are a huge rich and famous star.

Say the Lord's name in vain, then say "sorry God" under my breath right after.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.