For some reason I really love to be hated on horsehead network, no idea why, stopped questioning it moments ago... Moral: Know what I mean?

Pay attention to commercial breaks to see if there is ever a break without an advertisement about cars or new movies coming out

Sometimes I like to count the amount of steps it takes to get upstairs/downstairs. Then I realize that the number is never the same.

when i was a kid, i lookup dirty words in the english dictionary as substitute for porn :(

After reading certain things on this website, I try them to see if they work.

i leave tv on when i sleep...cant close it cause i hate to my bedroom that cant identify......

I walk down the stairs sideways because I'm afraid something will get me.

I have to stop the Microwave on 0 but before it beeps or I'm not going to get what I want in life. OCD MUCH

When sitting on the pot I whip and then I feel like I have to crap again.

Whenever on a car ride, pretend you are in a military convoy and shoot at pursuing helicopters and soldiers.

When the car ride is silent, I wink with my right eye when I pass a sign on the right, and the opposite for the left. And then when there's a double yellow line, I close my eyes.

Wanting to marry Tyler Joseph but then you remember he's married :(

Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <

being a mid-teenager, never having a relationship before and don't care at all.

jump down the stairs when im almost down to save time

k. everyone

When I fart in public, I always pretend that nothing ever happened.

I strum my fingers on my other hand between the fingers on the other hand which is a fist to make a popping sound (Try it, it's really fun)

Someone asks you "what's up" and you awkwardly reply "good".

when your professor describes their wife or husband you imagine their wife or husband.

when im in a public toilet and my freinds outside i make loud converstation with them so they cant hear me pee.

sometimes if I am going on a flight to another country I will hold a small pocket of air in my mouth before getting on the plane and then I would let it out after we land

Try to think of something nice then thinks of then scariest things.

Surfing nsfw subreddit at work

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.