Saving some leftovers of your favorite food .... the next week its still there (:

Running round the house like I'm Lara croft or someone from a video game :D it's fun

When you're in a public place, make up conversations between strangers. Example: Man to wife: Let's get out of here. There's no place to sit. Wife to man: Honey, we just got here. Man to wife: Maybe you didn't understand, Martha. There's no place to sit.

Only taking half a biscuit because it makes you feel bad and then taking another half of a different biscuit.

I think source beggars are lazy pest that should be groin kicked

If my SOLVE media is too long I refresh it to give me a shorter one

You always go to the corner of the shower when the cold water is running.

Whenever i do something bad to someone I can't stop smiling even though i never wanted to smile in the first place and i feel like people think I'm a terrible person

hover over public toilets and end up leaving a sprinkling of pee that lands uniformly all over on the seat then use a big wad of TP and my foot to wipe down the seat.

when on long car rides look out the window imagineing stick figures running

Say the Lord's name in vain, then say "sorry God" under my breath right after.

Go for a 10 mile run.

When bored in School, I like to imagine what I would do at that exact moment if a Zombie Apocalypse started.

Stand really close to the mirror and look myself in the eyes. Try to scare myself or make a really fast movement, hoping my reflection can't keep up.

I drive in the car then suddenly awake from a day dream and realize ive driven for the last 4 miles with no recollection of the journey.

When playing a game you refer to the kid you don't know as "kid" - ar2

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Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <

At restaurants, eat my food in sections. Usually leafy greens, french fries, then steak/ whatever meat.

When I listen to certain songs,it makes me feel awsome :D I listen to alot of LinkinPark -Briarwoodninja

Being all alone in your house and your mind starts to believe its haunted.

Taking the time to lick all of the cream off of the inside of an Oreo.

When ever I'm walking up or down stairs, i always have to step on the last step with my left foot.

My login password is INCORRECT so if I forget it my computer will say "your password is incorrect"

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.