Never using a 0 or a 5 as the last digit while using a microwave.

Sometimes I pee sitting down and act like i'm a girl.

Really really happy that resisted getting a facebook or twitter account

When driving along in the car, imagining crashing and another car coming into you and the repercussions of it all.

In school look at the wall or something and feel like only a few seconds has gone by but really thirty minutes has

Sitting on the toilet and feel devastated I forgot my smartphone and then spending the rest of my time on the toilet thinking about how boring it is without my smartphone.

eat cake in a bowl with milk the way you would eat a bowl of cereal

not be afraid of hurricane sandy

Have a sudden urge to say "bomb" at an airport.

I sometimes deliberately miss buses or trains even though I could easily board them.

when you hear "tartar sauce" you think that it's actually made from tartar -MATT

Wearing cheap CZ rings to either stop guys hitting on me or pretend I'm engaged.

in my mind prisms are called pink floyd.

Fire imaginary rocket launchers at passenger planes flying overhead, then panic thinking what if it really blows up?

When you're in your late teens, you blare the car stereo when driving near girls that are walking. When you grow up, you turn the radio down in fear that you look like a tool bag.

When I'm around people, I sometimes yell in my head "STOP READING MY MIND! I KNOW YOU'RE DOING IT, SO STOP!" just in case.

Look at the toilet paper after i wipe my ass just to make sure i didn't leave anything behind..

Being able to think about great ideas for the world, but not being able to get a math problem done.

Playing hide-and-seek and finding the best spot ever, only to realize you have to pee

when you're in the car, look outside and count every single lamp-post until the car stops

find a nice photograph of food from the web and post it on fb just to watch my retard friends make a big deal out of it.

Wonder if the life your living is one long dream and your gonna wake up and be some type of alien.

i masturbate with my feet

Wanting to marry Tyler Joseph but then you remember he's married :(

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.