I hate other people's mirrors, they make me look different

I feel that getting a 98 on a test is better than getting a 99.

When I'm walking on the sidewalk, I try to count and keep a steady rate of how many times I step on each slab of concrete.

When eating chips I always look at each side before eating it to choose which side will taste better

When walking on stairs, always counting how many of them there are.

How funny would it be if plants were trying to kill us but they move too slow to get us

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Tell myself that I'm only going for a 20 minute nap and end up sleeping for 1/+ hour(s)...

I still hum songs that I made up when I was a little kid

stop the microwave when I hear the food popping

think up the funniest jokes right before i go to sleep and cant think of them the next day

I sometimes wonder if im a baby and my whole life is just a big dream

Whenever I order a lot of food at a fast food place for myself, I order an extra drink just so they think it's for two people.

Make odd grunting noises and sighs of relief while going #2.

when my mum buys way too much of something I imagine were one of those 'doomsday preppers' families, with mounds of supplies in our basement.

Finally understand the meaning of a song i used to like as a child....... Im a Barbie girl in a Barbie world-Noel

Before I go to sleep, I imagine what it would be like dating a really hot actor or singer and think of dramatic scenarios that could happen.

If people knew what I am really thinking about while they are talking to me... YIKES!

When home alone, I put cans in front of the door so if someone breaks in, I wake up.

when i was a kid, i lookup dirty words in the english dictionary as substitute for porn :(

try to count down when the school be is going to ring.

Think of all the perverted and disgusting things that I'd like to do to the women at work then feel bad for being a vile and disgusting person, then kind of feel turned on anyway lol.

I feel strange when I look at someone and think ''This person has had sex''

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Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.