I like to turn the lights off in the bathroom, actually block every little bit of light I possibly can, then take a nice warm shower, curl up on the floor, block my ears and enjoy the warm water and sensory deprivation.

play on your game for ten minutes before you realise why you stoppedd the last time

fist myself to the point of unconsciousness whilst masturbating to the speeches of Hitler

Hate to type Morals under each one of my posts Moral: A small chick in the hand is better than a huge C**K up your ass. I am pretty sure not even women nor homosexuals want birds up there...Then again, I havent searched for anything like that at the intern... they are eating her! And now they are gonna eat me! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! (fly stuck on head)

I rehearse arguments in my head.

Hatch an escape plan as soon as my date starts to complain about anything.

click your pen off of your desk and make it hop in the air

Spend several minutes to write a comment on a website, only to decide not no submit it after all.

When I go to the shops I like to park my car next to a specific coloured car so I can find it afterwards.

When you try to blur eyes and keep them like that when you look around the room.

every bite i have of a sandwich, i need to have a sip of a flavored drink to "soften the bread and make it taste good".

I **** with no hands.

i noticed that a lot of people pronounce "LOL" like roll. Am i the only one that reads it as L. O. L. (el oh el) ????

When i am home alone i think there are hidden cameras in my house and wave at objects that might conceal the camers to scare the people looking through them

When you look at the sidewalk and try to step on the boxes instead of the lines, and feel like you need to do it a number of times per leg to make it even.

Look at the toilet paper after i wipe my ass just to make sure i didn't leave anything behind..

I tuck all sides of the blanket under my body and feet then over my head and leave a fresh air hole so im in a cocoon of blanket.

When I create a situation in my mind where someone is making me mad, then I actually get mad.

Hit the enter key really hard when finishing a long piece of text that you have just written.

always get sports injuries, never get any attention from them

Get creeped out at seeing 11:34 at least once per day. The number even turns up everywhere in my life such as my jewelry store.

I have tried jumping in an airplane to see if I fall in the same spot

Hang something small in front of the webcam, in case someone is secretly watching me.

When two people in my house are arguing, I stay in my room to avoid awkwardly interrupting them and being dragged into it.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.