When your friend tells you something, but you don't hear them so you just start laughing.

Sitting on the toilet and feel devastated I forgot my smartphone and then spending the rest of my time on the toilet thinking about how boring it is without my smartphone.

Eat a biscuit realise how nice it is and eat the whole packet

I read the down voted posts

Whenever I'm chewing on gum that has lost its flavor, I extract the gum from my mouth using my fingers before putting it back in so the flavor would return.

Wake up, unnaturally hungry, make meal fit for a king.

When standing on the beach, I try to command the waves to stop.

i use dental dams

When i talk i say i like how or i hate that.

Vigorously scratch my head over a black surface and watch the dandruff fall like snowflakes....then eat it.

I talk to inanimate objects daily.

Spend a ton of time on the way you look and the clothes you choose, then going out in public and imagining you're a celeb.

I don't like Winter. Because I'm scared that when we use the heater, our house will catch on fire.

whenever there's a fight on facebook, i sit back and read it and i'm just like "people are stupid hehe"

wipe your armpit and then sniff it to see how bad you smell

If I have a black surface I scratch my dandruff onto and make a dandruff galaxy.

When dunking oreos I like to hold it under the milk and watch the bubbles til they stop

i wonder why someone decided to spell words unusually for example why couldn't because be spelt becuz the way it sounds?!

When someome asks you a question and you can't hear them so you say, "what?", then they say it again and you miss it so you just nod your head and say "yeah".

See how fast and accurate i can use the fast forward on my dvr and applaud myself when i go full speed and stop 2 seconds before the show is back on.

Drum on the chair between your legs and wonder if people think that you're playing with yourself.

I always leave a little coffee in the pot so that it becomes someone elses problem

Stare at people until they notice, and when they notice watch them out of the corner of your eye until they turn.. and then you continue staring

imagine a bunch of girls are watching you at home, so you don't look like a dumbass

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.