I wonder if sport games are rigged?

talking on the phone with somebody and then spending 10 minutes or so looking for your phone...

Hide your I pod when your parents walk in at 12pm and then go back to what ever you were doing when they leave.

Imagine myself going back in time and giving my friends and family little hints on how their life will pan out.

Two minutes after I text the person I like, I check the message to see what time I sent it and what time the person received it, and estimate that it takes the adverage person about a minute to respond and then another minute for you to receive it. so really, if the person likes you, it would take them about 3 minutes to respond. if its five, you automatically assume they hate you.

Have a dream with horribly unfortunate events (like having an amputation or being in prison) waking up from said dream and saying something like, "Good thing that was a dream, don't know what I'd do if that was real"

I talk to myself while playing games so I don't feel lonley!

lie in bed, stare at the ceiling fan, focus on only one blade, and see how long your eyesight can follow it.

At the gym, I always try to do 5 pounds more than the previous person.

When riding in a car I pump my arms to pretend I'm running at an incredible rate.

cut corners when walking not because it's faster, but because it's more efficient

I make different scenarios for different songs I listen to. I pretend the walls and couches are people. I talk to them.

I hate when people say for example,if something is $3.99 they say its four dollars.

Use head & "Shoulders" for pubic hair

Purposely save one piece of homework untill Sunday night in case you want to get out of doing something boring.

My daily agenda: wake up take a crap get out of bed...

when u see a blond, brown,black,or red head girl u think of a blond,brown,black or red head joke -Randi L.

when i'm in the shower and i close my eyes, i thnk something's gonna be there to scare me when i open my eyes again.

I pee in the water of the toilet to make bubbles

Sometimes when im lost in thought I twirl a piece of my bangs and stare off in a daze.

Coughing really loud to cover up the sound of your fart, then shitting your pants.

When going to the bathroom, lock it and when trying to unlock and don't succeed immediately... ITS A TRAP! I'M LOCKED IN MY OWN BATHROOM!!

Pretend that i don't care about my birthday when i actually can't wait to see what present people will get me and get terribly excited everytime someone text me

Pubic hair wishes... While on the toilet you try to pull out a hair... If it comes out close your eyes and make a wish....and throw it into the toilet... Flush... Repeat!

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.