When someome asks you a question and you can't hear them so you say, "what?", then they say it again and you miss it so you just nod your head and say "yeah".

Say a word over and over until it sounds weird

See a persons name a place a word or thing in a book computer magazine etc... and right after hearing the same thing on tv or the radio. Vice versa

my favorite singer is Bles Bridges 22/07/1947-24/03/2000

When no one is home or if no one is looking you go in the fridge and drink right out of the bottle.

When I'm bored I throw a plastic bag in the air and see how long I can keep it from touching the ground.

Pretend that when you are in the shower, the shower head is a giant machine gun, that takes thousands of men to operate, and that you were an extremely large person and you catch ALL of the bullets in your mouth, spitting them at the shower head while at the same time turning off the water as if they all died, and the small drips that continue to drop out were the dead soldires' blood.....-dillon

Imagining a friend can see everything you do during the day through telepathy.

I have tons of imaginary conversations in my head with people I know, but they never happen. It's worse when something funny happens in the imaginary conversation and I laugh to myself, and if someone notices I can't even say that I was remembering something because I wasn't, it had never happened...

Look at my poo before I flush it.

If someone uses a term thats like, in the know, and they ask if i know what it means, ill act like, of course ido, even if i dont, and then ill go home and look it up.

Praying to God even though you tell people you're an Atheist.

Imagine I'm walking in slow motion when I enter a bar or club

instinctively thumb down long posts without reading them.

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masturbate... with condoms and gloves because male genitalia is gross and clean up takes just a few seconds rather than minutes

when im lying in bed in summer and im hot i just turn my sheets on the other side so its cool again

When I'm riding in a car, i squeeze my toes everytime the car passes a dotted line in the road or when theres a curb

Someone asks a question and you say "what?" and then answer them because you actually heard but didn't realize it.

grab my cats tongue when he is licking my hand

when someone goes underwater in a movie I like to hold my breath and see if I would have survived in that situation, I almost died during Finding Nemo

pull the poo out of my butt when im too impatient to push it out

when i realise for example that my shoes are stinking i get really paranoid and try to cover them under the table or something because i feel that everyone is thinking about it or is covering their nose or stuff

Lie in bed at night, imagining things I want to happen in my life while trying to fall asleep.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.