moving your hand with objects that are already moving and pretending you have the force.

I always twist my washcloth into a cone shape, so when I take my next shower it is dry and hardened. Then I pretend stab it into my stomach and say "MY LIFE FOR AIUR!" before getting it wet again.

Read something strange and funny that you don't actually do, then say: "whaat?" And lough and everyone around you just look at you not knowing why you're talking to yourself an laughing.

When walking around a slightly empty store, I walk around and pretend I'm a spy, trying not to be seen.

Does anyone else look at people when there talking and then randomly get in on there conversation.

When nobody's home I blast the stereo and sing as loud as I can.

If I have a black surface I scratch my dandruff onto and make a dandruff galaxy.

Whenever I got hurt I used to just run like that would stop the pain

When I'm home alone at night I check around the corners to make sure there isn't anyone there

I still hum songs that I made up when I was a little kid

I constantly get itches. On awkward parts of my body. In public places. And it's torture.

when i am in a long car ride i look out the window and imagine im in a sad music video

Here's a fun game I play if I wake up in the middle of the night: I look over at the alarm clock and see what numbers are displayed. Then I shut my eyes tightly and wait a few seconds before opening them again. If I open my eyes and see that the numbers on the alarm clock have changed, I win. If I open my eyes and they didn't, I lose.

Reading these, realizing that you don't do some of the things on the top of the list, and wondering if you're weird.

When I get photographed with a flash and afterwards there is that little greenish dot in my vision, I keep trying to look at it directly, although I know that it's impossible

Get that shiver when you're peeing.

Agree with someones ridiculous political opinion just to avoid an argument.

Saying "ouch!" when someone throws something and it hits an inanimate object.. -Sarah

sometimes when i fart i feel like i pooped a little in my underwear but tell myself ''no i didn't'' but feel poopy until i check.

when you are at home doing something then all of a sudden you imagine how you would take down a killer if he came into your home right now. just me?

Put toilet paper in the toilet before I'm going to take a shit, so that the toilet won't get dirty.

When I'm alone I occasionally like to give a little hump to the air. Not for sexual reasons or anything, just because it feels right.

Trying to do things before the microwave beeps .

When I was younger I started doing a weird habit of playing music and spinning around in circles in my room... .. I still do it to this day.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.