When I wanted to sit on chair or anything, I'll wipe them first, in case there is something sticked on them

Know almost every line from spongbob episodes.

When I'm hungry I look in the fridge, but there's nothing good to eat so I shut the door and walk away. Then I look in the fridge again 10 seconds later in the hope that new food has arrived Robbie

dream about the most amazing guy/girl that you have a relationship with and hope it comes true

If I see a shriveled, dried leaf while walking along the sidewalk I am compelled to step on it and make it crunch.

if im somewhere and say i get a itchy ass,i would say to a friend whilst sctatching " i have the itchyist but whole in the world right now" jokingly. but then think to myself, i wonder if there is someone in the world right now at the same time as me who has actually got a itchyer butt lol

When on long car rides, I always look out the window and imagine a little man running alongside the car.

When walking on the sidewalk, try to walk the same number of steps on each square without looking awkward. (now, this is sooo weird, I have no clue if ANYBODY has ever done this more than once)

When theres a car just like yours right next to your car in the parking lot you almoat always gravitate to that car instead. It's the worst when there people in the car and you keep trying to open it.

think something you shouldn't, then stop thinking it, because someone might read your mind

Sometimes when I fart while sitting down, I lift one leg up.

Have a dream about falling and never stop falling and it feels real

When I post a picture on a Horsehead Huffer site that I made on Microsoft Paint, and it ends up being one of those that never load, I go back on Paint and save it again. Then I repost it, and it works.

When the hero of a movie is drowning I hold my breath to see if I would survive.

When I poop I pretend to make my wiener talk.

I hate it when people assume I'm smart just because I don't speak much and I wear glasses.

My login password is INCORRECT so if I forget it my computer will say "your password is incorrect"

I am sure that no one else has the same mental slowness as me and my brother. When I say mauve he says maeve and we continue like this for hours. It is certainly an exciting way of eating up those motorway miles:)

Things I did when I was little: Slowly close the fridge door to see the light go out before it is closed all of the way. Put the light switch in between "OFF" and "ON". Walked in to a room and forgot why, walked out then remembered. (STILL DO!) Drew the sun in the corner of the paper. Put a flashlight in your mouth to see yourself, "blush".

I make a mental note NOT to buy the product or service if I feel they are trying to brainwash me with their ads.

Take out all the marshmallows in a bowl of Lucky Charms, eat the "cat food" (the dry cereal that looks like dry kitty food!), then put the marshmallows back in the milk and eat them!

Never eat curry before school otherwise you will have a massive poo

When walking down a long hallway with someone else at the end, becoming self conscious that your eyes are watering up

when someone asks you to not listen to they conversation and your listening to music at the same time, in the same room and when they have that conversation, you pretend to listen to your music.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.