Think a really Fu**ed up thought in your head, and then get mad at your brain for even coming up with it, and finally trying to think really nice thoughts to make up for it.

Whenever you are in a quiet room and are trying to eat a food that is very loud to chew (like chips) you try to chew slowly or alter your chewing style so noone will think your too loud

run inside after taking out the trash because a monster might be hiding in the big trash can

Kick the fallen ice cube underneath the fridge

squezzing moisturisure/tooth paste really hard cos the top is all dry and then a shit load comes out all at once

I think some songs would be better if they didn't put a rap in with them

On a calendar search for the picture on your birthday month

When I'm walking at night, I put up my hood and grin evilly at passing cars so it'll scare the drivers if they see

I play video games with the controller under the covers.

I take receipts out of the ATM's disposal slot in order to see how much money people that I've never met have in their accounts.

Trying not to fart when laughing is challenging.

Whenever I go to the toilet on an airplane I worry that during the time I'm there the plane will drop out the sky.

When I'm trying to sleep if both my legs are under the duvet it's too warm. Both legs out it's too cold. When I have one leg out and on the duvet it's just right. I sometimes also put my leg against the wall when it's cold.

If some makes you mad you do things alot better than you would if you were not mad

Afraid to do something your crush is doing so they don't think you're stalking them, even though you really want to. -B

When making something I pretend I'm making a YouTube video of it and pretend I am getting lots of views

I often try to visualise and merge my faces with various girls i could potentially fall for, just to assess how our future children would look like.

You try to tell a joke to impress everyone and then you mess it up.

Sometimes when im in my bed and trying to fall asleep, i don´t want to open my eyes in case there is a murderer standing before my bed.

I push the door open with my stomach

My bedroom is at the end of the house, so when I turn the light out and sprint to the lounge room, thinking Jeff the Killer could get me...

accidently sleep on my arm and it falls asleep

When I'm alone with my pet, sometimes we just sit down and stare at each each other for a minute or two

When walking around a slightly empty store, I walk around and pretend I'm a spy, trying not to be seen.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.