think that things u do aren't gross and when other people do them its disgusting

A song comes on that you hate but you sing with it anyway because you know the lyrics

Tap different rythyms with my fingers and keep doing it over and over until the rythym ends on the last finger

Sometimes I look at a digital clock and try to force the numbers to change with the power of my mind.

Sometimes, I skim through the Terms of Service just to make sure I'm not selling my soul or promising my first-born.

During an assembly, I try to be the last one to clap/ stand up/ sit down.

When I'm listening to my ipod on a road trip I look out the window longingly and pretend to be in a music video

Change the channel during commercials when you have the remote, when you don't you go insane and say "TURN IT BACK WE'LL MISS THE START!!!"

When my soap is running low, I add water to it.

Give a 'thumbs up' or a 'thumbs down' based strictly on how much you like the number it will change it to.

Get that shiver when you're peeing.

Laugh softly when you hear someone else cry

I pretend I'm a musical when I'm alone and sing about all the stuff I'm doing.

I cover my webcam on my when I fap in fear that someone/something is watching.

while talking about someone, immediately fear they are somehow listening

sometimes, i smell my own farts.

when singing to music on my ipod, i sometimes pause the music to hear how loud I am singing.

When no one is around I make sound effects for everything I do.

In the shower, or just when I'm alone, I imagine having confrontations with people in my life and play out the entire conversation by myself, lip syncing the words with emotions and all.

I hold my boobs if I'm running upstairs and not wearing a bra.

sing really loud to songs in the car, but stop when people are right next to you at stoplights.

Stare at people until they notice, and when they notice watch them out of the corner of your eye until they turn.. and then you continue staring

When I'm opening my locker lock, I try to beat the person next to me.

I rape small children ;).

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.