Wonder if someone is ever doing the exact same thing you are at the moment.

no magazine on toilet? read shampoo bottle

When on long car rides, I always look out the window and imagine a little man running alongside the car.

Look at a word long enough to not seem like a word anymore, then sounding weird.

I sometimes wonder if im the only living person on earth and everyone else is just there in order to affect my existance -Henry

Someone asks a question and you say "what?" and then answer them because you actually heard but didn't realize it.

If I see a shriveled, dried leaf while walking along the sidewalk I am compelled to step on it and make it crunch.

When I poop I pretend to make my wiener talk.

I talk to my pet when no one is home.

When im alone i have a conversation with myself

When walking on the sidewalk, try to walk the same number of steps on each square without looking awkward. (now, this is sooo weird, I have no clue if ANYBODY has ever done this more than once)

When I'm in the shower i let the water run off my arms and fingers and pretend I'm a giant god of water sending torrents to the miniature people below.

Someone waves at me and I wave back...and then I realize they were waving at someone behind me.

When I've had an argument with someone I'll play it over in my head and come up with new responses. Then, sometimes my reenactment will get so heated that i start yelling my new arguments, and geting even more angry then before.

to wake up from a nice dream than try to sleep again to finish it

Think something that you REALLY don't want to think and hurriedly force your mind to change its thoughts.

wipe your hands on your pants

Whenever I am in a conversation with someone, be it a family member, close friend, or stranger, I nearly always imagine either starting a random brawl with them for no reason (i.e. punching them in the face) or making out with them or something, neither of which I would ever consider doing. Am I alone?

sit in the shower

Waking up from a dream that you thought was real life, and thinking,man i wish that was real...

Turn the Microwave off at 1 second

While listening to songs, your always thinking of a situation to go along with it.

I flip the pillow at night to feel the cool sensation.

When no one's looking, I run up stairs on hands and feet.

Things You Think Only You Do

A collection of things you think only you do. Go ahead and confess. You probably aren't the only one.