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Are You A Zombie?

  • you only said that to alter my existence because you don't actually exist.

  • .....Guys don't you realize? Wye are ALL dreaming in a CGI world..... Its called the matrix.

  • its different for me...we're in a repeated cycle our LIVES are being replayed over and over 1 cycle per second...And some people know this but others are just programs...Just what i think...i had no idea others thought that! LOL oh and i do the water god thing too...

  • Watch the Trueman Show. It's a film starring Jim Carrey and it is set around this theory.

  • This is so G**D*** freaky. I have the same name, and I sometimes think that,too.

  • i always think that if I get into a fight with someone they will conveniently move or dissapear as if my entire life where like that Jim Carrey movie.... Actually this is not a thought 4 people have moved or dissapeared after fighting with me...

  • It's called "Protagonist Disease". It's not really a disease but many people experience it at some point in there life (I have as well). It makes individuals feel like the "main character of the universe". It goes away when you get older though

  • dude holy shit same here...i think the same exact thing

  • solipsism

  • omg its the exact same with me! lol :D

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