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Are You A Zombie?

  • this is surprising that other people also do this. mine does parkour and runs on telephone wires and fenses and jumps and stuff. and runs. ive done this since i was little

  • my guy does it with a skateboard...its really impressive

  • LOL! omg.. i imagine him with a skateboard and he can jump really far onto house roofs and trees etc..ahahahaha!

  • When I was younger I had an imaginary pet unicorn so that was what I saw running alongside the car. I was really proud of my unicorn for coming with us wherever we were going even though no one believed in it except me so I was always cheering him along in my head.

  • Mines usually on a dirt bike jumping from field to field..xD

  • Holy **** no way!!!!! My guy can't touch the ground he runs on wires jumps on signs and fences and other cars

  • So weird I completely forgot about this until I read it! Mine was a guy on a snowboard but there didn't need to be snow on the ground. Was just a lot better when there was.

  • When I was little I imagined monkeys swinging on the power lines.

  • I do that too! I also pretend he jumps from roof to roof XD

  • Mine ran on all fours and since I have older siblings... They made everything scary so I basically saw this deformed beast running alongside me. It was oddly comforting.

  • I'd imagine cheetahs or sometimes a little man on a dirt bike

  • Mine had a lightsaber and chopped streetsigns and stuff in half while leaping along doing flips. He sometimes threw the lightsaber and everything. I could picture the molten edges of the cuts and everything.

  • My guy also jumps over trees, lampposts, and poles.

  • I did this to. Mine took the shape of a White Face clown, that looked about 8-12 years old. He only appeared when I was in the car, and bored out of mind. He would run along fences, jump from tree to tree, post to post and some times run on the road. He would always tell me that he had a new trick to show me, and then it would fail horribly. He would always end up hurt in the groin region. Guess I was a sadistic kid.


  • I do this shit all the time. I see mario. Then after a turn he turns into samus. Then solid snake. Then sonic, anmd then all theother video game heroes, ultimately turning into mario again, and then it starts all over again.

  • i thought i was the only one omg.

  • all the other ones i was like ok i guess thats common but this freaked me out that other people do this LMAO wow

  • holy I definitely thought I was the only one, he's so incredibly agile.

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