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Are You A Zombie?

  • best to read when sober. yep.

  • yep

  • I just read this 11 times. I finally know what it says! Thats true ADD

  • Its because your mind gets bored and thinks of other things. Try reading faster to prevent this.

  • Yeah i can't read books when i'm stoned either

  • i do the same the same thing

  • My best friend actually has ADHD, he is not mentally handicapped and we are in grade seven and the other day he reads the word book as bricks and he asks me how to spell school, secondary 1 and this happens, it is no myth my cousin is same but not as bad and I'm not just going to stand by an watch you say it is a myth when he literally couldn't read untill grade 2, when everyone else did in kindergarten. I know my friend and so do his parents. I know he wouldn't just be lazy in school, he tries his best and some tins I can't help but think what he will end up doing as an adult when all he knows how to do know is dirtbike. You have no clue what it's like being ADHD so I advise you shut the hell up

  • I was literally doing that while reading this.

  • Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >>

  • Don't even try, I have ADHD and it happens at least 10 times

  • ADHD/ADD are myths made to excuse intellectual laziness. Try harder. That being said, I do this repeatedly if I'm reading something and thinking of different scenarios of what I'm reading.

  • To the ADHD/ADD debunker - I am happy to see a qualified child behaviorist on this site to educate us all. I happen to have my doctorate in Psych with a specialty in learning disabilities. I want to welcome my colleague. Oh, by the way, you are full of shit.

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