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Are You A Zombie?

  • I hallucinate like that, exept its more like the beggining of the matrix were the people are in those pools with the red goo.

  • Oh god! me and this girl I like both said we think this all the time(she even got suspicious when I said this) and ive been waiting for someone to ost this

  • I think about this all the time, it even put me in a state of depression. My whole family/friends are so fucked in there heads. Niggers.

  • Solipsism

  • I always think that.

  • I really wish i knew if i am hallucinating my entire life, your brain is a powerful thing , when your eye hits an object your brain has to makeup out what the object is "suppose" to look like ,or what the brain wants it to look like, it's scary thing that we dont know what reality is

  • i sometimes think that nothing is real... that my thoughts don't exist, they never happened. existence is fake... the universe and reality don't exist.

  • I used to think this. Now I just think that everything is an illusion, and/or that there are multiple dimensions. But if I mention it people think I'm even more crazy than they already do, so I don't mention it.

  • hmmmm... i cant say i think that but its a nice thought.... i thums-up-ed it :D

  • Wakey wakey lady, its time to get out of your cell and have your medicine.

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