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Are You A Zombie?

  • Yes, the y is a p. I thought the same thing. My mom told me it was a y at like age 7. But for the longest time I would read the Disney logo on movies as Disneep.

  • Who the hell is Walt Disney? Walt Gisney all the way!

  • OMFG!!!!!! This one really shocked me, I've always pictured in my mind that D as a G and used to bother me XD

  • How stupid are you people "hey kids lets watch a Disney movie" "why is there a G where there is a D??" Idiots

  • I used to think the y at the end way a p

  • it's not like we make fun of eachother, we all do weird things here

  • Wait, WHAT? I thought it said Waly Gisnep. :/

  • Nope, thought the "y" was a "p" until said age though...

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