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Are You A Zombie?

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  • I've had this from a young age (about 7) when I was 8 I told my brother about it... And he said "yeah I get that, I hate being uneven" we laughed so much. I then told a few school friends and was surprised how many people had it. Always assumed it was some form of OCD so just took it in my stride (left then right in perfect harmony) ????

  • I legitimately thought I was insane and the only one who did this. I am in shock.

  • I do this with everything. Like if I chew food on the right side my next bite I have to chew on the left side

  • MY FRIENDS THINK IM CRAZY WHEN I DO THAT XD but the strange thing is, when my hands aren't touching anything, one feels more hurt than the other so I hurt the one that doesn't hurt. IM SO WEIRD

  • I do that all the time. When one on my feet used to stand on a rock or a bump in the sidewalk I would have to stand on a rock with the other one too and I would count my steps when making a small journey and if I took an odd number if steps I would have to take one more step to make it even on both feet

  • I used to do this too years ago from the ages of 8 to around 12... It also used to manifest in, for instance, random utterances in speech, such as um um, in which I'd have to to utter it an even amount of times. At times it prevented me from having fun playing video games since if I was to go through a corridor through the left side... I'd feel anxious and also go through the right side... like said here... to "be fair".

  • OMG! I thought I was like the only one who did that!! My mom didn't believe me until I showed her this XD!! OMG I also hurt my hand if the other one hurts!!

  • Thank christ i'm not alone!!!

  • I can't believe this. I always thought I was the only one. Glad to know I'm not alone

  • Yeah, I do that, even for the stupidest things. If my sister pinches my right hand, I pinch my left hand so it feels the same on both hands.

  • OH MY GOD I'M NOT ALONE!!!! My mom thought I was crazy! xD

  • finally someone else feels the same. It happens to me all the time

  • You have made me want to do this. New habit obtain.

  • YES Now I know i'm not alone :D

  • I used to do that with my feet too, whenever I used flip-flops.

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